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4th of July drink ideas

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Special drink for 4th of JulyCelebrate 4th of July this year in your own style! This is a special day to have your favorite drink – so, why not prepare your own 4th of July drink? You can invite your friends, join any potluck party or simply have it at home and enjoy the holiday mood around you. Here are some 4th of July drinks which you can prepare on this special day.


American Flag:


The name says it all! To prepare this drink you will need blue curacao and crème de cacao in equal proportions and you will have a drink for the occasion.


Red Carpet:


This is a very impressive drink and prepared with a combination of  hiram walker pomegranate schnapps, simple syrup, campari, oval vodka, pomegranate juice and lemon slice for garnishing. This is a favorite 4th of July drink which is prepared using a cocktail shaker and crushed ice.


Air Force One:4th of July drink ideas


This drink has a refreshing taste and perfect color which makes it completely fit for 4th July. The common ingredients used in preparing this drink are citrus vodka, hpnotiq liqueur, juice extracted from lemon wedges, lemon and lime soda and a lemon spiral for the purpose of garnishing.


Hawaiian Margarita:


This is one of the best blended 4th of July drinks which offers a strong pineapple flavor with strawberry base. This drink can be thick or thin as per choice. It is prepared using frozen strawberries, triple sec, tequila, fresh pineapple, sour mix and fresh pineapple or strawberry for garnishing the drink before serving it.


Refreshing 4th of July drink

Vodka Collins:


This is a great drink for your 4th July holiday or any other holiday. The main ingredients used in the preparation of this drink are soda water, sour mix and vodka. Orange slices and cherries are used mainly for its garnishing.




This is a stunning cocktail which is prepared using silver tequila and blue curacao. It is usually served in a deep cocktail glass or in a special margarita glass for any party. It is one of those drinks which can be prepared in just 2 minutes.




So, without wasting any more time, start preparing your 4th of July drink and surprise all your guests!


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4th Of July Drink Ideas