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Wedding Dessert Ideas

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A Cute Wedding Cake


Looking out for a creative way to celebrate the D-day in a unique way? Then try these wedding dessert ideas. Instead of throwing a normal wedding dinner party, you can even invite your guests to a dessert party with these astounding ideas. Choose from the unique dessert ideas to satiate the sweet tooth of your friends and relatives, while you start your new journey. Read on to know some really interesting wedding dessert options that you can include for your dessert party.


An Exquisite Collection Of Unique Dessert Ideas For Wedding 


Black Forest Cake

Black forest cakes are always acceptable treats. Try making the mini versions of these dark chocolate pastries topped with glazed cherries. You may even cut a large cake in the shapes of heart and serve your guests.

Black Forest Cakes


Ice Cream Sandwiches 

All you need to make these yummy desserts are few waffles and ice cream of your choice. You can make a closed or open sandwich as desired. Keep a wide assortment of ice creams, including vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch and mocha.



You can lure the chocoholics to the truffle stations with a fantastic collection of some of the best chocolates. You can include chocolate cordial cups filled with delicious liqueur along with few unique flavored candies for a variety.

Truffles - For The Chocoholics


Ice Cream 

Ice creams form a preferred choice among dessert ideas. Arrange a cart at one of the corners of the venue where your guests can indulge themselves right after they enjoy a great dinner.


Sugared Almonds 

Sugared almonds are wedding dessert ideas inspired by Italian traditions. In many traditional Italian weddings, instead of wedding cakes, the guests are offered boxes stuffed with sugared almonds. These sugared almonds, which have two distinct flavors – saltiness and sweetness, symbolize that wedding is a bond of two unique persons coming together for a lifetime.  


 Whoopie Pies

I do agree that these whoopee pies, when served as wedding desserts, will take your guests by surprise. But believe me. You will see your guests checking out these delicious, simple pies for a second or even third serving.


Cinnamon Candied Apples

This Christmas time favorite will is sure to become one of the winning wedding dessert ideas. The way the cinnamon candy coating complements the sweetness and cool crunch of apple in a classic flavor is enough to bowl over your guests.


Cinnamon Candied Apples - Unique Wedding Dessert Ideas


Wedding Punch 

A unique blend of fruit juices, including pineapple, orange and lemon with freshly crushed strawberries, this is an ideal choice as for a simple and humble wedding dessert.



Serve champagne for adults and punch for children. You can keep soft drinks and coffee also. If possible, arrange a barista to serve your guests with a wide variety of mochas, lattes and cappuccinos. These drinks are ideal compliments to the cookies and cakes served at your wedding party.


Always Include Latter In Your Wedding Dessert Ideas


Each one of these wedding dessert ideas is unique in its own way. So, choose these to make your journey a sweeter one.


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Wedding Dessert Ideas