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Cincinnati Easter Brunch

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Cincinnati Easter brunch

Cincinnati may not be a great foodie-special place but everywhere Easter is special and therefore Easter brunch menus are made special, so is of Cincinnati Easter Brunch celebration. If you want to have a hang of Cincinnati Easter Brunch menu read on further so as you may not get confused in Cincinnati in search of a delightful brunch menu for you and your family. So let’s explore what is special about Easter brunch Cincinnati.


Easter brunch menu is all about festive menu and are available in veg and non-veg category. Popular restaurants and food places in Cincinnati are always keen to pull in crowd and in Easter month they make their menu attractive and mouthwatering that food lovers can hardly resist their foodie-delight from sharing these menus. For the ready reckoner I have mentioned here a few places in Cincinnati, where you will enjoy brunch as well as the ambience, be alone or with your family.


Bella Luna restaurants in Cincinnati is located at Beech Mont and Italian cuisine is the specialty of this place although steak and seafood delicacies are also widely appreciated by food lovers. Well, when ordering for Cincinnati Easter brunch here, you go for Italian foods or may ask for some chef’s delight but do not forget to order Bread Pudding with Amaretto Butter Sauce. In fact this award winning recipe by Chef Alfio Gulisano is one of the top attractions of this restaurant. Ambience is eclectic and funky, but perfect for gossip and fun at the weekend leisure.


It is better to be American while in America so you may like to have pure American brunch while at Cincinnati; deSha's American Tavern is a wonderful food place having delicious Cincinnati Easter brunch menu in their offer list. The place is known for its inventive food dished, topnotch customer service, casual but cozy ambience and above all for excellent food quality. The restaurant has its own parking place and it is a wheelchair friendly zone. This restaurant is located on Montgomery Road.


Brunch is an American concept, therefore, contemporary American restaurants offer wonderful brunch menus for their guests. The restaurant Iron Horse is one such reputable restaurant located at Village Square, Glendale who is well known to locales for its innovative brunch menu in contemporary American style. The Chef of this famous Restaurant is Jackson Rouse, and the Easter brunch menu they offer is southern American cuisine. Apart from contemporary American food, seafood is another specialty range of delicacy from the kitchen of Iron Horse.


Here I have mentioned a few lists of food places who have wonderful Cincinnati brunch menu for their guests. However, the list of good food places is not over yet. While in Cincinnati during Easter, you can ask your local friends as well as can search web to find some more references. One word of request, if you get something special,  please let us know also.


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Cincinnati Easter Brunch