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Food flavor for the festival of lights – Diwali

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With Dussehara just over and Diwali here, the festive spirit is at its best. Diwali also known as Deepavali or the festival of lights marks the victory of good over evil. Hindu mythology has it that after winning over the demon king Ravana and freeing wife Sita, Diwali marks the homecoming of Lord Rama. There are also incidents in the Hindu mythology that are associated with the celebration. A time for celebration and the beginning of all good things, Diwali is festive season time in all Indian homes. 


A time for family get togethers, some mega shopping, pujas or worship of the Lord and of course food. No festival is complete without food. Food marks the beginning of all celebrations. Food is an integral part of every occasion. Diwali too, has its fair share or maybe a little more devoted to food. It is a time when plenty of sweets and savories are prepared in each household. Children have a great time with lots of elders around to shower them with blessings and pamper them to the hilt.


It is a five day celebration, however, the main day begins with an oil bath and fresh new clothes. Worshipping the deity and then begins the feast (this really has been going on for days before Diwali and will continue for many more days until you can have no more).  Food and worship and family time forms the main part of the festival. A time for rejoicing and getting together. In the evening, all the family members get together to light up the home with small earthen diyas or lamps. After this is crackers time and you would be able to witness all varieties. From the ones with only light to that with light and sound and sound alone, its fun and frolic all the way.


Diwali means for the lady of the house a time to make delicious eats for her family and a time for pampering her loved ones.  It is a new beginning (hope the stock markets too recover after the blood bath that has been on for several days now and makes a new beginning upwards).


With so many wonderful recipes available online making any sweet or savory at home has become real easy. From laddus, pedas, gulab jamuns, kheer on the sweet front to elaborate meals that is fit for a king is what rules every Indian home during the time. Whether you are in India or anywhere else the celebrations continue. This is evident from the food blogs of Indian foodies in the US and UK already posting Diwali sweets recipes and looking forward to the celebrations. Happy Diwali to all ifoodies!!


With so many wonderful Diwali recipes and videos from expert chefs on ifood I am sure going to be trying out some new recipes this Diwali. How about you?


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Food Flavor For The Festival Of Lights – Diwali