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Easter Foods

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Easter foods include the bread, eggs, meat and dessertsEaster is all about Easter foods and the spirit of Easter celebrations with family and friends. Easter food is also special since the winter just elapsed and lent just got over so savoring good food during Easter became a primary means of celebration.


The traditional Easter foods are


Boiled Eggs: Boiled eggs are traditionally served at Easter.

Roasted lamb: The meat dish for Easter is roast lamb with mint sauce and vegetables. The Jewish Passover has this as traditional dish too.

Simnel cake and Custard tarts sprinkled with Easter biscuits. Easter biscuits are with spices, currants and lemon rind. Simnel cake is a fruit cake with layer of marzipan (almond paste). Also marzipan is baked in the middle of the cake.11 balls of the marzipan are placed on top representing the 11 disciples.


Some popular Easter foods


Mixed green salad with Parmigiano crisps- This dish will look good on an Easter food table. Select your favorite lettuce or greens. Mix and match as you wish with cherry tomatoes and olives thrown in. Add your favorite dressing and then make the Parmigiano crisps. Parmigiano cheese is made into thin flattened circles and baked until golden brown. Take them out and cool them. Place these crisps n between the salads for a very original taste.


Garlic roasted asparagus- This is an all time favorite as a festival food. Take a bunch of asparagus and roast them in an oven for 25 minutes. Just make sure you sprinkle olive oil on them and add salt and pepper. Put in a few cloves of garlic too and serve hot as Easter food. This one is a winner.


Green Beans and Portobello mushroom – Another salad favorite is green beans and Portobello mushrooms sautéed together. This will be an excellent addition to your side dishes.


Beef tenderloin- Beef can be grilled with a salt/pepper/garlic/thyme/rosemary coating on it. Make sure the beef is done well on the grill. Serve it with your choice vegetables sautéed and placed on the side.


Sweet potato biscuits- These are simply delicious and a crowd pleaser. Watch them disappear from the table in no time. Make the dough and add in the sweet potato puree and buttermilk. Shape the biscuits and bake them. Rub melted butter on them. The orange sweet potato color adds to the yummy taste.


Glazed smoked ham- Add sugar, dry mustard and vinegar to form a paste. Marinate this over the ready-to-eat ham well. Bake the ham well to brown. Then cool it before you carve it and serve.


Lamb legs and green olives- Rub the lamb legs with olive oil. Tuck in garlic cloves into the legs. Make a mixture of salt, pepper, oregano, rosemary, thyme, olive oil and lemon juice. Rub these over the leg all over for a fine coating. Roast this in the oven along with red rosemary potatoes in the marinating mixture. Serve this in a boat with gravy of your choice along with the potatoes. This could be the centerpiece of your Easter table too.


In addition you could include several side dishes, desserts and beverages to kick it up a notch.


There are so many Easter food menus that you could try out and decorate your Easter brunch and dinner table. Watch your guests clamoring for food as the glorious aroma wafts through the air.


Happy Easter!


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Easter Foods