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How To Make Easter Egg Dye

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Easter Egg  Dye

With Easter soon approaching and you are probably wondering how to make Easter egg dye. What would Easter be without decorating and coloring eggs? Here are some great homemade dye ideas as well as some other ones that you can use.


Making Easter Egg Dye


To make Easter egg dye at home you need to combine half cup cup boiling water, 30 to 40 drops of food coloring, and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. Before dipping the eggs in this dye it is important that you let the dye cool completely.

To make it fun for children you could try this novel way of making Easter egg dyes, use some fresh and frozen berries as 'paints'.  Simply squash the berries against dry boiled eggs. You can even use crayons and wax pencils to color on the eggs before boiling and dyeing them.


The most common ways of  dying Easter eggs are

  • Fill a few cups and bowls with water till them about two thirds full. Basically you need to leave enough room in the cup to be able to immerse the egg without the water spilling over. You could even use empty butter/cheese containers.
  • Each cup of water will need a teaspoon of vinegar. Of course if your container is an ice bucket then you will need more vinegar than just a teaspoon full.
  • Depending on how dark or soft you want the hue, drop in some food color in the containers.
  • Now your hard boiled eggs are ready to be immersed in the containers. Don’t just plop them into the container, use a tablespoon and carefully dip them in and to take them out as well.
  • It’s important that you let the egg dry evenly. This will take anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes. Now smear some vegetable oil all over the egg either with a rag or paper towel. This will give your egg a nice glossy sheen and make it look pretty.

If you are working on your kitchen table it would be a wise idea to cover it with some sheets of plastic or perhaps a newspaper so you don’t have dye stains on your kitchen counters. If it does get on your furniture or appliances immediately wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Now that you know how to make Easter egg  dyes and color them at home there is no need for the store bought variety. You can turn this activity into a full filled task for your kids as well.


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How To Make Easter Egg Dye