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How To Make Easter Bunny Cake

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Making Bunny Cake

Knowing how to make Easter cake ensures  celebration, fun and indulgence.  This cake is one such confectionary item which is a favorite with one and all and if you plan to include it in your Easter menu, then you can follow these simple tips on how to make Easter bunny cake.

How to make Easter bunny cake

  • The first step to make this sweet Easter food item is to begin by baking three 9-inch round cakes in any flavor that you want. While baking these cakes, you need to make sure that the cakes are moist enough and won’t break while making the bunny cake.
  • Now after the cakes are done, place two of the cakes in a serving dish which is oblong in shape and the cakes should be touching one edge of the dish.
  • Next, cut the remaining cake in two pieces in a way so as to make the ears for your bunny.
  • Now place the ears near the top of the bunny’s head.
  • Frost the bunny cake and also sprinkle coconut over it, but avoid sprinkling coconut in the inside of the bunny’s ears. The reason of leaving the bunny’s ears free of coconut is to give the cake a dimensional look.
  • To make the bunny face on the cake use two blue gumdrops for making the eyes and make the nose using a red gumdrop.
  • For making whiskers, you can use licorice whips. The same can be sued for making a smiling mouth for the bunny.

I hope now you have got an idea on how to make Easter bunny cake. But these are the steps for making a flat bunny cake, if you want to make a dimensional bunny cake, then just follow the instructions given below.

How to make Easter bunny cake in dimensional form

  • The first step towards making a dimensional bunny cake also starts with baking round shape cakes. But in this there is a slight modification which is, that instead of three 9-inch round cakes, you need to bake one 9-inch round cake and two 6-inch round cakes. And yes, they can be in any flavor of your choice.
  • After the cakes are done, you need to cut the 9-inch cake in half and attach both the halves together so that the bottoms of the cake halves are touching each other. If you want you can also use little bit of frosting to glue them together.
  • Now cut the 6-inch cakes also in half and attach the bottoms of one cake together and leave the other two halves for now.
  • Lay the 9-inch halves, which will make the bunny’s body, on a serving dish and place the head in front of it.
  • Now place the halves of the small cake in between the head and body of the bunny to make the ears. Keep the cut side facing down.
  • Next, frost the cake and use coconut flakes all over to make the fur of the bunny.
  • To make the bunny face, use candies or icing.

So now you know how to make Easter bunny cake and let me tell you, it will be a valuable addition to your Easter sweets and will also make the kids happy with its bunny shape and bright colors.

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How To Make Easter Bunny Cake