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Cadbury Chocolate Easter Eggs

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Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs are the fun part of the holiday celebration. Add them to your Easter baskets, gift to your friends else arrange them on the dinner table. Eggs are linked with Easter celebration for centuries; they stand for “the beginning”, “rebirth” and “fertility”. Chocolate Easter eggs were first produced in 19th century; France and Germany indulged in creating the eggs at that point of time.

History of Cadbury Chocolate Easter eggs

Cadbury produces Easter eggs since 1875, the eggs were initially made of dark chocolate that used chocolate drops coated with sugar as filling. The eggs were plain not having any special design or carving on them. Chocolate piping and marzipan flowers were then used to decorate the Easter chocolate eggs. Richard Cadbury who was an artist tried to implement the Dutch, German and French designs that inspired him to make the eggs acceptable by Victorians.  Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs are very popular among people even today.

Eating Cadburys chocolate Easter eggs

Cadbury Easter egg uses cocoa butter, chocolate, milk, sugar, PGPR, emulsifier, artificial and natural flavors. Look into the nutrition label to know what you are eating. The calories of the chocolate egg come from sugar and the fat from milk and cocoa butter.  It is very hard to resist eating Cadburys chocolate Easter eggs as they are very delicious and come in different varieties. Too much of Chocolate eggs are not good even for kids, so try to have few for Easter.

Health benefits of Cadbury chocolate Easter Eggs

It happy to know that flavonoids and antioxidant found in chocolate are considered heart friendly.  Procyanidins and flavanols are the flavonoids in chocolate that prevents heart and arteries damage and also helps to prevent DNA damage that may lead to cancer. You can find these substances in grape juice and green tea. More antioxidants are found in Eggs that uses more cocoa; among them dark chocolate stand first as it uses more cocoa, then comes the milk with less amount of cocoa and finally the white chocolate with no cocoa in it. Besides these, chocolate contains minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, iron, potassium and Vitamin A, B,C,D and E. Though eggs made using white chocolates are low in antioxidant, they are good source of calcium and Vitamin D.

You can get the health benefits by choosing the right Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs that contain nutritious ingredients. Eggs made using dark chocolate are rich in antioxidant. Eggs that have Brazil nuts and almonds are good source of selenium. Eggs that use mint aid digestion. Consume them in moderation to reap the health benefits.

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Cadbury Chocolate Easter Eggs