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Candy Chocolate Easter

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Candy chocolate Easter is a very popular sweet, which can be used for display as well as be added to the Easter baskets. Candy is a special part of Easter celebrations and among the various types of candies, chocolate candy treats are the best to delight your guests with.

Eating candy chocolate Easter is a part of the Easter tradition. These candies are made using different chocolates types like Cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, semi- sweet chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.


History of Candy chocolate Easter

The Easter chocolate candies tradition dates back to 19th century and it all started in France and Germany. However, the candies made during this period were comparatively small and were made using only bitter dark chocolate.  The entry of commercial chocolate candies happened in England when Cadbury started selling these candies in the year 1873.  In the year 1904, milk chocolate Easter candies were introduced which were invented by Daniel Peter. Presently, these candies are made using various types of chocolates.


Make candy chocolate Easter


Candy chocolate easter are a good option to fill the Easter basket or prepare a tray of chocolate candies. Though you get them in stores, it is always better to make your own as you can, then, decide what goes inside them and how well they can be decorated; this also makes it possible for you to prepare personalized gifts for your near and dear ones. Combining white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate gives a different taste and helps to add variety to your Easter basket. The market is brimming with molds for candy chocolate easter, ith which you can make candies in the shape of Easter eggs, Easter bunny and several other shapes. To enhance the display value of these candies, you can also create Easter grass to display as centerpiece using grated while chocolate with green food coloring.


Health benefits of eating candy chocolate Easter



Try to eat the dark chocolate variety as there are many health benefits associated with it. Taking dark chocolate Easter candies helps to reduce blood pressure and lowers the chances of heart disease. However you will need to exercise a lot of restraint while handling the candy chocolate easter because these are too tempting. But that definitely doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy your share of them. The benefits of eating these candies are: the flavonols in dark chocolate act upon the endothelial cells which encourage secretion of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels, which, in turn, reduces blood pressure. 

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Candy Chocolate Easter