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Easter Brunch Rhode Island

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Looking for a wonderful place to have Easter Brunch at Rhode Island?  Easter brunch Rhode Island would turn great if you choose a proper place. Most of the restaurants due to the heavy crowd would fail to provide good service and makes you wait for long. Find the one which offers excellent menus and at the same time should not be heavily packed.


Ferns and Flowers Teahouse

This is one of the best restaurants in Rhode Island to have Easter brunch. Their Easter brunch features Johnny cakes, varieties of crepes and poached eggs. This place is well known to offer great breakfast to diners.

Coast Guard House

Easter brunch Rhode Island offers fantastic views besides serving delicious food. Coast Guard is on such place with spectacular ocean views and variety of menus. Pasta salads served here are the best in the town. Prime rib with ham and tantalizing desserts display makes this place perfect for Easter brunch. Book your table soon to have a great Easter at Coast Guard.

Friendly’s restaurant

This restaurant features a laid back atmosphere. You get nice breakfast items and lunch at a nominal price. Though special country breakfasts are served, breakfast desserts display is the highlight of the restaurant. This is best destination for kids as they would enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this place.

Boathouse Water front

Stunning views of the Sakonnet River and yummy fresh seafood choices makes your Easter brunch memorable at Boathouse water front. Their great food and varieties of dishes can be enjoyed even by the pickiest diner. The various southern comfort foods offered include fresh fruit and sweet bread. Seafood lovers can have a grand feast with lot of seafood choices. It’s worth spending here as they assure fantastic dining experience.

Take a day off from cooking and have great time on Easter. Easter brunch Rhode Island would never disappoint you and your family. Try out Easter brunch at Rhode Island, these places offer wonderful food to the diners at an affordable price. Call them or you can also make reservations online by visiting their websites.

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Easter Brunch Rhode Island