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Sunday Easter Brunch

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Easter Sunday brunch is a popular activity along with friends and family.  It is basically a mid-day feast. Easter food is special since the winter just elapsed and lent just got over, so savoring good food during Easter became a primary means of celebration. 



Easter Brunch menus

Thee are the traditional brunch ideas and the unconventional ones. You can choose whatever it is that appeals to the family.



Main Course:

Egg Benedict with Canadian bacon and spinach

Easter Brunch is a mid-day meal with friends and family

Home Fries


Baked French toast casserole with maple syrup

Hash browns

Maple glazed ham steak

Pecan waffles with strawberry or banana syrup

Scrambled egg with avocado

Croissants with butter

Herb roasted potatoes

Grilled pineapples

Grilled salmon with sauce

Sliced ham with cranberry sauce and jalapeno chutney

Lamb with herb and bread crumb crust

Garlic or cheese bread

Sweet corn and crusted salmon

Spanish onion and brie cheese soup

Grilled sausage, baked ham and home fries

Whole grain bread and rolls



Easter brunch is a happy family affair


Champagne lemonade

Bloody Mary


Iced coffee










Boiled eggs in any form are popular Easter Brunch





Banana bread

Cinnamon rolls

Custard tarts

Simnel cake

Mocha cake

Cheese cake

Crescent rolls


You could mix and match these Easter brunch ideas and come up with a lovely spread to celebrate with friends and family on this joyous occasion.


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Sunday Easter Brunch