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Easter Side Dishes

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Easter side dishes are as delightful as Easter main course and desserts. Since Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus and Easter Sunday; two days after Good Friday it is a joyous occasion celebrated with good food and eggs. The traditional Easter gift was a painted bird egg. Now it is the chocolate eggs and a regular feature in Easter parties. Children are asked to hunt for hidden eggs as a fun activity.



The fun never stops for children who love going for treasure hunts and picking those chocolate and jelly bean laden eggs. Food is also an important part of Easter celebrations when family and friends get together. Easter food is also special since the winter just elapsed and lent just got over so savoring good food during Easter became a primary means of celebration.


Side Dishes for Easter


Easter side dishes are generally selected from a list of delightful choices.

1. Salads: Caesar salad is preferred by many with fresh vegetables and citrus vinaigrette and sugared pecans. Potato salads and baked broccoli on the side is also used. You could also add honey roast carrots to this

2. Green bean casserole: This is a traditional side dish served along with ham.

3. Sauces and Dips: Cranberry sauce can be put out on the side. You could choose any of the dressings and dips from Thousand Island, Ranch or Caesar’s dressing as a veggie dip.

4. Cucumber and cilantro dip would be an exotic addition to the table.

5. Artichoke steamed: Now here is something that will make your guests happy. Steam and serve artichokes with dip as the centerpiece. Serve it with melted butter.

6. Scalloped Potatoes: Another favorite addition to an Easter meal is scalloped potatoes and the kids love them too.

7. Baked potatoes: Baked potatoes are welcome addition to the Easter table.

8. Stuffed potatoes: Who doesn’t like stuffed potatoes? Add your favorite ingredients for the stuffing with parsley garnishing on top.

9. Baked Asparagus: This one is mouth watering with a butter sauce combo.

10. Green beans with cherry tomatoes: My favorite always. The green and the red contrast so well, looking inviting.

11. Baked Macaroni and cheese: A kids special and a favorite too. Watch them make a beeline for it.

12. Sweet potato soufflé: This one is truly gourmet in preparation with sweet potatoes, cream, sugar and eggs along with spices.

13. Sugar snap pea: This one can be presented well with shallots and garlic.


Try several of these side dishes as an accompaniment for the main meal of lamb and ham. You could work that dinner table so well with all these Easter side dishes choices.

Happy Easter!


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Easter Side Dishes