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Easy Easter Cakes

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Easter Cakes

Easter and cakes go hand in hand. No Easter is complete without cakes and I bet you also yearn for some easy Easter cakes recipes which would help you save time and revel in the festivities. Because this is one festival which is much awaited after Lent and you would not want to spend all your time running around making preparations.

To make things easy for you so that you can spend some quality time with family and friends we are listing here some easy Easter cakes which will help you do exactly that.


Easter Egg Cupcakes

This is one recipe which falls into the category of easy Easter cakes and is also very delectable. To make these Easter egg cupcakes all you need to do is to put paper baking cups into the regular muffin cups. Then prepare a white cake mix according to package instructions. Now fill this batter into the muffin cups and bake it till done. Take them out. Once cool, decorate them with frosting and other Easter decorations.

Cupcake Flowers

This is also one of those easy Easter cakes. Make the yellow cake mix as per the directions given on the packet. Put paper baking cups into the regular muffin moulds and fill the cups with this batter. Bake till they are done and remove from the moulds. When cool, frost the cupcakes. Now decorate them with icing to make them look like flowers. You can make use of black gel to make the center of the flowers. Likewise you can try and experiment with different decorating things to give your cupcake flowers a realistic look.

Spring Flip-Flop Cakes

To make this easy Easter cakes, first prepare the white cake mix as per the instructions given on the packet. Now line the baking pan or tray with waxed paper and pour this cake mix into the pan. Bake the cake till it is done and when slightly cool, take it out. Let it cool completely. Now cut the cake lengthwise into half and trim it around the corners to give it a round shape. Arrange the cake on a tray and cut it to form flip flop shape. Now decorate the flip flops with tinted icing of whichever color you want and you can also add flowers and other things to give them an interesting look.

Green Grass Cake

This is also a good and easy Easter food that you can try your hands on. To prepare this easy Easter cakes, use any cake mix to make a cake and once it is made, cover it with white frosting. Next mix green color to coconut to make grass and spread it on cake. You can use bunnies, jellybeans, chicks, chocolate bunnies or anything that catches your fancy to give this cake an Easter feel.

You can also modify the recipe a bit and in place of cake mix, just slice a pound cake and line it in the bottom of a pan. Now add a layer of strawberries and whipped cream. Then add another layer of pound cake and cover with frosting.

These are different ideas for easy Easter cakes which you can try out and treat your family and friends to this delicious Easter food.

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Easy Easter Cakes