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How To Do Carbon Fasting For Lent

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Carbon Fasting for Lent

Fasting for Lent is a done in preparation for Easter and it is combined with quite a bit of prayer and penitence.  This year instead of giving up something you love, like chocolate, try a carbon fast instead. Never heard of a carbon fast? Read on. If you are an environmental friendly person and make a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint for our ecological system, you are going to love this sort of fast.


Carbon Fasting for Lent, the 40-day liturgical season from February 25th to April 11th, is all about reducing energy consumption in the house, This does not mean having to forgo electricity for hours at a stretch but merely making small little changes in your daily habits. Try using a microwave to cook your food over a conventional oven as it requires less energy. Use a water purifier at home or simply drink out of the tap and skip buying bottled water. Hand wash dishes; put your clothes to line dry instead of using a dryer. If you are really enthusiastic about this idea you could even try hand washing your clothes and sweeping the carpets with a broom instead of using a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner respectively.


There is a daily action for each of the 40 days. Recycling is another big thing you can work toward. Make a conscious effort to separate your soda cans, and plastics, paper and encourage this practice in your neighborhood as well. This does not just have to be for the 40 days of lent but make it a lifelong habit. Give up meat; limit food wastage, composting etc. If some of these actions are a little hard for you, the easiest thing would be is to unplug one light bulb in the house.

Here are some ideas for you to think about while carbon fasting for lent.


Ash Wednesday: Do away with something you don’t need, but costs you energy. 


1st Sunday: Go vegetarian or vegan for one meal.


2nd Sunday: Save on gas, instead of driving use public transport.


3rd Sunday:  Buy something made locally rather than overseas


4th Sunday:  Recycle some waste, pick up some trash from the street


5th Sunday: Turn off something to save electricity, enjoy a candlelit dinner perhaps 


6th Sunday: Plant local plants, vegetables, or herbs.


Fasting for lent is a time of thoughtfulness, where one is supposed to feel closer to God. What better a way to feel cherished and to feel one with God than to help support and improve this planet that he has created for us.


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How To Do Carbon Fasting For Lent