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Easter Chocolate eggs

Easter eggsCome spring, you have festivals such as Easter with its goodies springing from around the corner. Ever wondered about the origin of  Easter chocolate eggs?

Easter, its origin and the Easter Chocolate egg

Easter traces its origin to Christianity but different cultures around the world celebrate this with the concept of rebirth or revival. In the pagan culture, the Saxon goddess of Dawn- Eoster, was offered obeisance during the spring festival and that’s why the name “Easter”.

The festival marks the transition or Spring Equinox from winter to spring and the egg symbolizes the source of life. No matter what the reason or season may be, Easter is a spring of surprises with Easter chocolate eggs. How did the Easter chocolate eggs come into being?


Easter Chocolate Egg – The historical heritage

In ancient Egypt, Greece Rome, Persia and China, dyed eggs were a token of exchange and a customary eatable during the spring festivals. The tradition, as it spread far and wide towards the west assumed different forms – from dyed goose eggs to decorated paper mache eggs that became popular between the 17th and 18th century. The royal Faberge eggs made their entry in late 19th century. The first Easter chocolate eggs trace their origin to France and Germany, which were small, solid and made of bitter dark chocolate.

It was somewhere in 1873, the chocolate giant Cadbury produced the first Easter Chocolate Egg on a large scale. As technology improved, these Easter eggs took different forms in a wide array of beautifully and intricately carved designs with many a surprise to hold, beneath its shell.

Nowadays Easter chocolate eggs are made of superior quality uber thick chocolate with specialty choclatiers giving their “signature presentation” of Easter eggs.


Easter chocolate Eggs –  What to look out for from the “Easter Bunny”?

Easter chocolate Eggs can be made from 1) milk chocolate 2) dark chocolate 3) white Chocolate. Apart from the different patterns and designs that can be sported by these eggs, they can also be a “gift-wrap” of a variety of goodies, such as chocolates, truffles, liqueur cream, chocolate fudge, liqueur marzipan etc. There are others, which come in specially designed boxes, ideal to gift someone on Easter day celebrations.

You can even go online shopping to make a pick of your favorite Easter chocolate egg.


How to make Easter chocolate Eggs at home? – A few tips  

Let us learn to make a simple Easter chocolate Egg at home.

•    Get your Easter egg mould ready. The mold will be available at any craft shop.  Brush the insides of the mould with some vegetable oil, so that the chocolate doesn’t stick to it.

•    Spoon the melted chocolate into the greased mould level it up depending upon the size you want for your Easter chocolate Egg.

•    Take the sides of the mold and close it to join; secure the edges of the mold with clips.

•    Shake the mold nicely so that the chocolate doesn’t settle down on one side alone and, let it stand for five minutes or so.

•    Now, place the mold in the refrigerator for 10 minutes or so till the chocolate solidifies.

•    Take out the mold and press the top and bottom side gently so as to release the egg.

•    Your Easter chocolate Egg is now ready to be made up.


Decoration tips for your home-made Easter chocolate Egg

You can use simple to intricate icing techniques to decorate your Easter chocolate Eggs and freeze the preparation for some time. Glitters, laces and other decorative fillings can also be used for the purpose. You could even try making your own carving when the chocolate mold is half-set, with food-coloring or sprays.

There are ideas galore when it comes to Easter chocolate Eggs, budding with life, from the yolk of the rich tradition which actually gave birth to it!



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Easter Chocolate Eggs