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Easter Brunch In Pittsburgh

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Easter BrunchEaster brunch in Pittsburgh is packed with loads of fun and activities, from the Zoo Hop to the Bunny Trolley at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.


This Easter season, Easter Bunny can be seen at many popular Pittsburgh locations.

Pittsburgh offers great places for the kids, and listed below are few places where you can take your children to see the Easter Bunny.


  • Enjoy brunch or Lunch with the Easter Bunny at the Pittsburgh Zoo
  • Bunny Fun Cruises on the Gateway Clipper
  • Easter Bunny Trolley Ride
  • Easter Bunny Events at Pittsburgh's Animal Friends


Best of the Easter brunch Pittsburgh:

The name brunch specify a blend of breakfast and lunch. But many restaurants serve dinner foods, too.


The Grand Concourse:

The Grand Concourse is built by restoring old railroad station. It's a good place to treat our out-of-town guests who can get a glimpse of old Pittsburgh.



This restaurant offers its customers fine food and fine wine for Sunday brunch. This place is a great relaxing spot to spend an hour or two on Sunday.


Victoria Hall:

As the royal name suggests, the house is the entertainment. Generally Victoria Hall does not have entertainment featured on Sundays.

Victoria Hall is open only for private parties and this is the only time its open to the public. We need to have passes to be a part of such private party there.



Sunday brunch at Sunnyledge seems like a brunch at the Grand Concourse. This provides a glimpse into the city's legacy.

Sunnyledge, which once was a fine home, can seat only 34 for brunch, and it is one of the smallest royal restaurants Pittsburgh has.


For more information on Easter foods, visit


Easter brunch in Pittsburgh is packed with loads of funs and activities for your kid. Make this fest an enjoyable one by taking your kids to the Zoo Hop to the Bunny Trolley at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.


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Easter Brunch In Pittsburgh