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Easter Cakes Ideas

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Easter is celebrated with great fervor throughout the world, especially by Christians.  It is the day when Lord Jesus resurrected.  Easter is celebrated two days after Good Friday.  Like all the festivals, Easter also has some traditional recipes and desserts, which are prepared on or around Easter.  More emphasis is laid on sweets and this keeps children as well as elders equally eager for Easter.  The traditional Easter sweets are mostly prepared with chocolate like chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate cakes, and easter chocolate baskets.  


To spread the Easter cheer nothing works like an Easter cake. Cakes always brings a smile.  They are even more essential to create because they serve a number of people at the same time.  Making the chocolate easter eggs and chocolate easter bunnies has its own charm.  However, each individual piece has to be prefect and that takes time.  Thus you can chose from the below easter cakes ideas to create a yummy dessert.





Easter Cakes Ideas

  • Easter bunny cake:  This is very simple to prepare.  Chocolate cake sponge (baked in a bunny shaped tin) , some buttercream icing, and chocolate ganache. Slice the sponge into two equal layers.  Spread the buttercream icing on the first layer and place the other layer to create a sandwich of the cake.  Place the cake on a seive.  Crumb coat (i.e. thinly coat the cake with buttercream icing) the cake and pour the chocolate ganache on the cake while it is slightly warm.  Let it rest for 10 minutes and pipe the buttercream icing as an outline for the bunny cake. Create the bunny's eye and lip with the buttercream icing.
  • Easter basket cake: This cake requires a certain amount of icing skills. Layer a cake sponge with buttercream icing to create a sandwich.  Crumb coat the cake and cool.  Roll out a thin sheet of fondant and cover the cake with it.  Please make sure that the fondant does not have cracks or tears and it is evenly coating the cake.  Now, pipe the sides of the cake in a basket weave piping.  The top of the cake can be filled with Cadbury gems or you can place a mini chocolate bunny or several mini chocolate eggs at equal intervals.


If you wish to create a different kind of Easter cake then all you have to do is change the combinations of the cake sponge and the filling.  Some of the best combinations are chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache and salty caramel, orange blossom loaf cake with vanilla buttercream icing, vanilla pound cake with chocolate butercream icing, or strawberry pound cake with vanilla cream cheese filling.


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Easter Cakes Ideas