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Kids Easter Cakes

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Bunny Cakes

Baking Easter cakes for kids used to involve a lot of hard work but not anymore. It is now a fun-filled activity because after baking the cake in its usual manner, you can involve your kids to join in to decorate the cake, based on various Easter-related themes. Try out some of these Easter cakes for kids and watch your children glow with joy.


Bunny Cake

Bake a round cake, cover it entirely with French Vanilla icing, and use jelly beans to create a cute bunny face on top. The ears can be created with construction paper. Sprinkle coconut shavings over it to give it a festive air.


Bunny Face

This decoration tip can be used when you going to bake a host of cupcakes and also in case you are not too confident of your artistic skills. Take a yellow-colored icing and cover the cupcake top surface liberally with it. Fashion a pair of eyes and elongated ears replete with a cute mouth and whiskers using candies and jelly beans. Add sprinkles and green coconut shavings to the Easter cupcakes in order to make them even more colorful.

Kid's Easter Cakes

A Pair of Bunnies

Make two separate cakes and fashion them into bunnies. Toast one of the coconut bunnies to give it a brown color. Set both of them down on a plate of coconut shavings colored green. You are likely to have as much fun as your young charges with this one.


Bunny Head

A sponge cake covered with vanilla butter cream can result in being one of the most attractive Easter cakes for kids. Coconut flakes, edible colors, and candies along with marshmallows should help you design a funny bunny head on the surface of the cake.


It is important to think ahead and have the ingredients ready even as you begin to etch out a plan about baking the most gorgeous kids Easter cakes this season.




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Kids Easter Cakes