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Easter Brunch Long Island

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Easter is the time of cute bunnies, colorful candies, lavish décor, and gourmet display of delicacies.Easter Brunch IdeasEaster menu ideas at Long island can be an exciting, unforgettable, and fascinating experience if you are seriously planning to enjoy your Easter brunch in Long Island. The salubrious weather and hip and trendy multicuisine can reward you with eagerness to return for more at every eateries and restaurants of this place. Easter gives you that rare chance to get out of your kitchen, give rest to the cleaning and cooking activities and hop into the restaurants for Easter felicitations. Let us take a closer look at some of the famous restaurants in Long Island, which offer you priceless Easter brunch delicacies.



Easter Brunch at Long Island

New In Merrick: Sushi Kop – One of those restaurants which excel in sea food and fish preparations to ultimate. Apart from ornate décor and terrific ambiance, you can enjoy relaxation with gooey couch delicacies. Give completely yourself to following specialties of this restaurant for Easter brunch. Try appetizers like Rock shrimp Tempura with coating of mayo sauce. Have some spicy Tempura with salmon flakes all rolled in to mouth watering item. Peanut-avocado roll in with crispy roasted nuts served with fish and rice are other great hits at this place.

Delicious Latina – It is the chain of famous Colombian restaurants you get to see while traveling in lazy mood. The must stop spEaster Brunch Ideasot offers multi cuisine variety of Easter brunch like Colombian styled rotisserie chicken, grilled steaks, you also get to chance to try some Latin- American foods like empanadas, corn steaks, however, it has broad range of cakes and bakeries decked on the shelf.

Bistro 25 – is located in Say ville, and is touted as “recession friendly” brunch spot to enjoy. You can relax here during lazy Sunday and it meets every standard of delighting you on Easter special brunch section as well. Some of the most haves here are truffle macaroni and cheese, mushroom braised steak sandwich, other brunch choices also exist like pork belly with shambled egg, sandwich with poached egg, banana pancakes, smoked mozzarella, and ricotta fillers.

Old Fields at Green lawn – is one such place made for affluent and ready to splurge class. The ambiance, food service, and food are next to godly. The cuisine has excellent display of salmon varieties, rice and mushrooms all baked and sprinkled with exotic spices, and trendy sandwich and wine option available to extreme.

Atlantic on the Ocean – is a place to be for seafood lovers and sea lovers as well. It presents you fascinating view of tides and waves from the dining decors. Highly opulent, grandiose, and served with rib trickling foods, the place is one of many wonders. You can try here bouillabaisse which consist of jumbo shrimps, lemon slice, with some greens, also have wonderful toast with delicious dip sauce.

These were some of the great spot for having Easter brunch at Long Island locales.

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Easter Brunch Long Island