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5 Reasons To Use Herbal Colors For Holi

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It is important that herbal colors be used during Holi, the festival of colors. There is no debating that Holi is a fun and joyous festival and a time to rejoice. This is also the most popular festival in India where the young and the old alike play with colors. But it should be kept in mind that the chemical colors can cause serious for your skin, hair, eyes, ears and nose because they are, more often than not, toxic in nature. Chemical colors can cause everything from minor skin irritation to blindness. So, it is all the more important to use herbal colors for Holi.


1. The holi colors bought from the market are mixed with chemicals. For example, green colour is obtained from copper sulphate that could lead to allergy in the eyes and can even cause blindness.

2. Purple color is made from chromium iodide and silver from aluminium bromide, both of which are carcinogenic.

3. Shiny colors, on the other hand, have powdered glass added to give extra shine.

4. Many water colors have alkaline base that could also cause severe health issues.

5. Worse are the colors, which are formed into a paste with the help of toxic compounds such as engine oil.

6. People use nail paint remover to remove the colors. This would result in further toxification of the skin.

7. The chemical color that you wash off after Holi, goes into the drains and from there, it gets mixed up in the rivers and other water bodies, thus spreading the toxic pollution of water.


In comparison, herbal colors are made naturally, without the use of chemicals. You can even make herbal colors at home, quite easily. For instance, yellow color can be made by mixing turmeric with chickpea flour. You can get a deep pink color by slicing beetroot and adding it to water. Dried Henna leaves give a deep red colors when mixed with water.


If you care about your loved ones’ health, you will use herbal colors this Holi and advise others to do so too.



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5 Reasons To Use Herbal Colors For Holi