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Is Giving Up Chocolate For Lent A Good Idea?

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Giving up chocolate is not good

Lent is a season of preparation before Easter. During this period many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, and spiritual discipline and they give up some habits like cigarettes, alcohol, pies, pastries, chips along with chocolates, but is giving up chocolate for lent is a good idea?  

As Lent is approaching everyone is worried about what they are going to give up for these 40 days.

I don’t think giving up chocolate for lent is a good idea, because...


Chocolate is not evil:

Even though people love chocolate, it is the first thing they want to give up for lent. Alcohol, sugary drinks, drugs, chips, crisps, kebabs, biscuits, pizza, burgers are most evil than chocolate, we can think about giving up those things.

This is a fact that chocolate can be quite calorific so are many things if not consumed in moderation.


Chocolate in moderate quantity is good for body:

Giving up chocolate for lent is not a good idea because we eat chocolate for a joy and chocolate makes the brain to release chemicals which gives you a great sense of happiness.


Make lent bearable:

Make your lent more bearable by giving up the things which are evil to you and you should give up the things from the heart, I don’t think giving up chocolate for lent is something from the heart.

Suppose after giving up the chocolate for lent, if you attend a wedding or party where they serve delicious chocolate fountains, you will be definitely tempted to eat that chocolate because you have not given up the chocolate for lent from your heart, so it is very important to give up the things which you can and you can make your lent more bearable and achievable.

You should always choose the things to give up more carefully.

You should always give up something for Lent which is good for your health. For instance, you can give up drinking of alcohol during Lent which is a great way to improve both your physical and spiritual health, giving up chocolate for lent won’t help you in this regard.

You can give up the things which are meaningful; perhaps you can give up the things like watching TV and you can read bible in that time.


So, above are my views on giving up chocolate for lent, I wish you all the very best for your lent 40 days of self-discipline. Think once before you give up chocolate for lent.

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Is Giving Up Chocolate For Lent A Good Idea?