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Top 5 Lent Foods

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Lent Food

Before talking about lent foods, let us understand what is lent, what recipes are preferred, food during lent season, etc, etc. For Catholics lent is all about prayer, sorrow, almsgiving and abstinence, for the annual memorial during Holy Week of the Death and renaissance of Jesus. It is marked for 40 days and people spend most of their time in prayers, almsgiving, and church activities.


Food during lent does not include poultry or meat in the dishes.


Egg Dishes


Cook eggs rich in protein and mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes can be added to omelets for an egg dish.  


Baked Potato Bar


Serving baked potatoes with a range of toppings makes a wonderful lent food. Freshly chopped tomatoes and grated cheese are perfect toppings for potato.  Sour cream add great flavor for the baked potatoes.


Stir Fry Vegetables 


Fry up a variety of vegetables from broccoli to carrots, mushrooms, onions and beet root. Stir fry these great mix of healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Serve with white or fried rice. Soy sauce or tomato sauce can be added to this dish.


Pasta Dishes


Pasta salads can be enjoyed with cream dressing. Alfredo or Tomato sauce can be used as topping in pasta dishes.


Soup and Crackers


Soups make a wonderful dish in lent season. Adding options in soup like vegetable broth, mushrooms and onions, and then tops it with toasted French bread and melted Swiss cheese.


Few recipes which can be prepared for lent are:


  • Salsa Rice Enchiladas
  • Pasta and Cauliflower
  • Rice and Beans
  • Polenta Salad, etc, etc


For more recipes for lent, visit 


Lent food is all about eating healthy and a strict NO-NO, to meat and poultry.


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Top 5 Lent Foods