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Why Should I Give Up Alcohol For Lent?

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Give up alcohol for Lent

To give up alcohol for Lent may seem to be asking for too much at first. However, it is time we realized that the spirit of sacrifice and piety that is evident during the period of Lent is the best time to battle with our inner demons too. Saying no to Lent alcohol isn’t really all that difficult especially if you set your mind to it. However, you must be steadfast in your beliefs and proceed accordingly once you vow to get rid of the terrible habit. But do you really find it worthwhile? Or are you still undecided about becoming a teetotaler for Lent? Take a look at the reasons given below and judge for yourself. You might just be convinced to do it this time round.



Reasons To Give Up Alcohol For Lent



Trying to give up the thing that you love most is difficult no doubt. But that’s exactly what Christianity is all about. Feeling akin to Christ during the period of Lent by giving up alcohol along with any other habits that you may have picked up along the way is particularly heartening. It will help you to appreciate our Lord even more once you understand the terrible ordeal that he had to go through for us.



Alcohol when consumed in moderation is considered to be absolutely fine. But making a habit of it certainly takes its toll on your health. Give up alcohol for Lent and you will be amazed to find how energetic and happy you feel. Saying no to Lent alcohol is the perfect way to get rid of an unhealthy habit. So just go for it and become a good Christian as well as a healthy individual.



You may have toyed with the idea of giving up alcohol hundreds of times. Every New Year resolution of turning into a new leaf sans alcohol seems to have boomeranged though. Seize this opportunity when the idea of sacrifice seems to be in keeping with the religious ideologies. Lent might just motivate you into giving up something that you were struggling to do so far.



Take it up a challenge. After all Jesus Christ had gone without the bare necessities for an entire period of 40 days. Think positive and opt for a non alcoholic alternative every time you have company. You will be surprised to see how strong your resolution can become helping you to successfully give up alcohol for Lent.


Staying intoxicated and not being aware of your actions is a coward’s way out. The spirits that help us to let go of our inhibitions might prove to be too much to handle at times as well. Foregoing alcohol completely during the days of Lent will help you to remain focused on yourself and plan out your future course of action. Having to do without hard liquor is certain to help you to enjoy it in moderation once Lent is over. So contemplate on your reason and simply give up alcohol for Lent this year.


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Why Should I Give Up Alcohol For Lent?