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5 Smart Reasons To Give Up Sweets For The Period Of Lent

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Ash Wednesday

The period of lent is dedicated for fasting and its tradition observed by my Catholics friends, 40 days period before the Easter. The period of Lent fast was established way back in 4th century and was set as 40 days and the signification is to replicate Jesus Christ's sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert.






The season of Lent begins with a symbol of sorrow - applying ashes mixed with oil on one's forehead. Lent a period of fasting, giving up things you like, chocolate, booze, Ice cream, meat, sweets, cigarettes, etc, and as a part of the tradition almsgiving and prayers are carried out in common.

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Why Should You Give Up Sweets During Lent


Is sugar bad for your health? Is it really an addiction? It is difficult health related questions to answer, because sugar is everywhere in our diet, and to make matters worse, there are many foods that act just like sugar in our body causing many side effects.


Few reasons, why you need to give up sweets are:


  • Help in weight reduction: 

  • Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

  • Decrease Blood Pressure

  • Improve Arterial Blood Flow

  • Sugar harms blood vessels in the same way as it does in diabetics


In order to stay healthy, you need to learn to avoid sugar and foods that act like sugar in your body. The period of lent is the best way to kick this habit of addiction to the sweets.



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5 Smart Reasons To Give Up Sweets For The Period Of Lent