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Top 5 Reasons To Go Fasting In Lent 2011

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Lent 2011

Lent 2011 is not particularly different from the time of Lent observed previously. However, there might be a number of additional reasons for keeping the fast this Lent season, 2011. If you are a practicing Catholic, it is customary to go without meat and sustain yourself on a single meal on Ash Wednesday as well as on all Fridays during the season of Lent.


Reasons To Go Fasting In Lent


Let us see if we can decipher some of the reasons for abstaining from food on this Lent season of 2011.The top 5 reasons for observing Lent are as follows. Check them out…


1. The Church 

The Eastern Orthodox Churn as well as the Catholic Church recommends all Christians to observe a partial fast for 40 days in order to commemorate the 40 days that Christ went without food in the desert. This remains one of the primary reasons of fasting on Lent 2011 as well.


2. Feel nearer God

Another reason that make most Christians abstain from the excesses including food is the urge to feel nearer God. Some devout followers of Christ try to go entirely without solid food during the Lent season. This is certain to be continued in the present year of 2011 as well.


3. Health issues 

Health concerns may crop up even if you are keen to observe the Lent season of 2011. Paradoxically, keeping a fast on Lent might help you to get back into shape too. Think carefully and plan your meals accordingly in order to get the dual benefit of dieting and piety at the same time.


4. Appreciation of food 

Appriciation for food might be yet another reason for adhering to the regulations on Lent 2011. Consuming only bread and water on certain days for instance might actually give you the capability of appreciating the food in entirety. The refreshingly cool taste of water that you consume to quench your thirst might be evident on the days you observe Lent instead of it just being a fluid that you drink unconsciously without understanding its true value.

5. Foregoing of certain foods

Sacrificing foods like meat, fish with the exception of shell fish, wine, alcohol and oil are considered to be a good way of detoxifying your body too. Turning your thought away from the pleasures of life including food might also give you an idea of how to abstain from food items that can cause your body to suffer if consumed without reason.


While many Catholics do not bother to observe the period of abstinence now, it remains a season of sacrifice and piety for the entire Christian World. Do observe Lent 2011 but only if you understand the significance of it and are convinced that the observance can be utilized for your betterment.

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Top 5 Reasons To Go Fasting In Lent 2011