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5 Tips On How To Use Saffron Syrup For Holi Special Dishes


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Holi is the festival of colors, which is celebrated as a harbinger of spring amongst the Hindus all over the world. Since you would be making a lot of dishes during the festival, we thought of bringing you some ideas on how to use saffron syrup to make your food even more colorful, right in the spirit of this vibrant occasion.



The aromatic syrup can be used as:


•    Cold drink: Saffron syrup can be served as a traditional drink to coronate Holi celebrations. The drink served cold is awesome to get you into the “spray the colors” mood.


•    Sweet Kachoris: These pocket dishes made with gram flour, clarified butter, cardamom seeds, chopped dried fruits, are scrumptious to eat. Rupture each and pour saffron syrup to add extra flavor.


•    Motichoor ladoos: Sweet balls made of gram flour semolina and other ingredients can enjoy a dash of saffron syrup (instead of saffron strands, but the sugar quantity in the recipe should be proportionately reduced).


•    Gulab Jamuns: Gulab jamuns are the invincible sweet treats which no Indian festival can do without, right! The dumplings are actually dunked in sugar syrup after being drained out of excess oil. Saffron syrup can replace sugar syrup.


•    Gujiyas : The popular Gujiyas which are synonymous with Holi can be given a touch of exotic sweetness, when served with saffron syrup. There is the crunch of gujiya softened by the subtle aroma of saffron syrup.


Saffron syrup for Holi dishes renders the element of festivity, adding fervor to the joyous celebration of the festival of colors.



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5 Tips On How To Use Saffron Syrup For Holi Special Dishes