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How to Plan a Healthy Holi Menu for Elderly

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The festival of Holi calls for a nice loud get-together and when you organize a Holi party, you must plan a healthy Holi menu for elderly people in your party. The best way to plan the Holi menu  is to  go with the absolute essentials for the traditional menu for Holi. The Holi menu is pretty fixed and delicious as per customs and traditions. Menu for Holi for elderly is a mere test of your creativity and imagination with regards to how you play with these recipes to suit the needs of the elderly.


1. Gujia – this is the traditional Indian sweet that is shared by family and friends on this colorful occasion. Generally this sweet is deep fried and uses a lot of khoya or a particular milk preparation prepared by boiling milk for a very long time. Now, when you are looking to create a holi menu for the elderly, there are two basic things that you may want to change or modify while you cook this sweet.

Holi menu modification for elderly- You may want to add sugary tate by using more  raisins instaed of  adding sugar, because these are safe for health. Also, if you steam the Gujias instead of frying them, the outer covering will not be hard, and thus, easy to chew for the elderlies.

2. Dahi Bhalla- Another dish that is an absolute must for the refreshing festival of Holi is the Dahi Bhalla. It is a simple yet very tasty and cool dish to prepare. The ingredients are simple, bhallas are made using beaten curd and ground pulses, this is a dish that needs no alteration and can be served in the holi menu as it is to the elderlies.

Holi Menu Modification for the Elderly- You may want to soak the ground pulse fried bhallas a little longer in cold water, so that they become very soft and mushy.

3. Matar ki Kheer- This kheer is a traditional Indian preparation that is loved by everybody, old and young alike! In fact, the recipe that I am linking you to is one of the oldest and easiest ways of making this milk dessert.  Since, the special focus here is on the health of the elderlies in the party, you can take care while choosing the kind of milk according to the health conditions, e.g. Skimmed, full fat, toned etc.

4. Thandai- The original Thandai that is prepared as a part of the holi menu consists of a substance called bhang, which is a kind of intoxicating herb that is part of the Holi Deity worship. However, when you are planning a Thandai for the elderly, you might want to just make a dry-fruit laden Thandai rather than the ones which will throw them into a tizzy.

Check out the recipes for these yummy dishes below:





  1. Gujia steamed 
  2. Dahi Bhalla
  3. Matar Kheer
  4. Thandai

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How To Plan A Healthy Holi Menu For Elderly