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5 Delicious Jewish Dessert’s For Your Purim Party

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Purim is the Jewish festival celebrated annually on 14th day of the Hebrew month, as a day which commemorates the win of Jews over their enemies. Jews love to celebrate this day amidst fun, good friends and exchanging gifts amongst friends and relatives. Households prepare foods for this special day, from many days in advance. Desserts are an important part of the meal served on this day.



Here are some ideas of desserts for the festival of Purim - choose your favorite Jewish dessert from any one of the top desserts.


Chocolate Nut clusters:

This dessert is prepared with semi sweet chocolate, roasted matzo farfel, chopped and toasted pecans. This Jewish dessert is prepared on a boiler, on boiling water which helps to melt the chocolate. It takes around 25 minutes to make this dessert and needs to be cooled in the refrigerator for 1 hour before serving. It tastes wonderful when it is served, after peeling the clusters off.


Apple Crumble:

This sumptuous Jewish dessert is prepared with orange juice and vanilla sugar which offers a special crumbly taste to the dessert. This Purim dessert is loved when served in Sukkah, during the festival days. This apple crumble is simply mouthwatering, when served with whipped cream or even vanilla ice-cream. If you are looking for some addition touch then serve with chocolate ice-cream.


Kosher Peach Crisp:

This is perhaps the best Jewish dessert you will have for the festival of Purim which has a refreshing flavor of warm peaches and delicious cinnamon oats. This is one of the most easy to prepare desserts, which is thought to make a perfect ending to your spicy meat Purim meal. This Purim peach crisp dessert is served warm with a scoop of your favorite ice-cream. Do not miss out on this dessert this year.


Fruit compote:

This is a perfect Jewish dessert prepared during the festival for those  who wish to enjoy Purim in its most traditional and healthy way with fruits, candies and chocolates. This is one of the simplest desserts which you can prepare. Common ingredients used in this Jewish dessert are nectarines, peaches, plums, cloves, apple juice, cinnamon and also sugar. Fruits are usually cut into small parts and mixed well with cloves, sugar, apple juice and cinnamon and cooked over medium heat till they become tender. In case, the compote becomes too sweet, a few drops of lemon are added to balance the taste.


Chocolate Sandwich Cookies prepared with Mint Filling:

This is one of best combination of mint and chocolate which you can have. Other ingredients necessary for this dessert, especially prepared for the festival of Purim include cookies, eggs, chocolate cake mix and oil. The cookies are baked in an oven and served in the form of a chocolate sandwich with the filling of mint.


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5 Delicious Jewish Dessert’s For Your Purim Party