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7 Side Dish Ideas For Your Holi Feast

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Holi food menu requires some zesty side dish ideas to make it unique and extraordinary. The special side dish ideas should complement the main dishes as well as be noticed for its unique taste. Being one of the most popular and colorful festivals of India, Holi is the perfect time to savor many varieties of interesting delicacies. Even though, traditional recipes vary from house to house and region to region, they are all prepared with the same amount of enthusiasm and dedication.


1. Onion Bhajia – These are very easy to make and can be prepared quickly. Sliced onions are dipped in a batter containing chickpea flour, ground cumin, chopped green chili peppers, salt, and deep fried in vegetable oil.


2. Gujia – This is a Holi special food and is an integral part of most Holi feasts. Chickpea flour and wheat flour are mixed in equal proportions with little mustard oil, salt, chili powder, fenugreek leaves, and water. This mixture is kneaded into dough and rolled out. The rolled out dough is sliced into 1 inch pieces and deep fried in vegetable oil. Excess oil is drained on paper towels prior to serving.


3. Kesar Chawal – Typically made during Holi, this rice variety can be made using sugar or salt depending on taste preference. In a pan, saute bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, rice and salt in clarified butter. Add water, soaked saffron, raisins, and cover to cook the rice. Once cooked garnish with fried cashew and cottage cheese.


4. Vegetable Pakora – Similar to onion bhajia, this side dish for Holi is made using chickpea flour and deep fried in vegetable oil, but it uses cut potatoes, spinach, cauliflower, and cabbage in addition to onions.


5. Aloo Chat – Deep fry diced potatoes and toss mint chutney, date chutney, salt, cumins, dried mango powder and garnish with chopped onions, tomatoes and pomegranate seeds.


6. Thandai – A refreshing drink made of poppy seeds, watermelon seeds, aniseed, cardamom powder, rosewater, milk, peppercorns, sugar, and rose petals.


7. Masala puri – Deep fried puris made of wheat flour, chickpea flour, ginger paste, coriander and mint leaves.


These side dish ideas for Holi special food menu can make a sumptuous Holi feast!


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7 Side Dish Ideas For Your Holi Feast