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Best 5 Pictures Of Mardi Gras Cakes

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Any mention of mardi gras brings to mind lots of colors, fun frolic and of course goodies! The most talked about I guess are the cakes, which are so good that even coming across the pictures of mardi gras cakes is enough to make the mouth water.

Mardi gras cakes stand out because of the bright colors used in the icing and the decorations used to adorn the cakes like beads, feathers and masks which give them that festive look.

The unique thing about mardi gras cakes is that they are all centered around the theme of mardi gras carnival. But despite all this, one thing which is common to all the cakes is the use of mardi gras colors of purple, green and yellow.

If you happen to come across pictures of mardi gras cakes you will notice how colorful and bright they are.


  Looking for pictures of mardi gras cakes, I came across this cake. It caught my attention because of the unique shape. Also the colors yellow, purple and green have been used in such a manner that they make the cake look colourful and bright without looking over the top. The mask and feather used to decorate the cake lend it a festive appeal and are in perfect sync with the mardi gras theme.







This cake is also in perfect harmony with the mardi gras theme. Of all the mardi gras pictures this cake is bound to catch the attention of anybody who is looking for something different. The leaning pillar like shape of this cake and the use of miniature masks and the big mask adorning the top make it appropriate to celebrate the festival.






 I guess everybody reading this article will agree, that from among all pictures of mardi gras cakes this one is outstanding! It is amazing how a glass is used to support this double decker cake and it has also been camouflaged very cleverly to blend it in with the cake. The beads filled in the glass and the strings of beads used to cover the bottom of the glass all do their work efficiently. The colors, the beads, the mask all make this cake an apt choice for mardi gras celebrations.




Unlike other cakes mentioned above, this one is simpler in shape and size. And I guess its simplicity is what makes it stand out. Though not adorned with beads or any other embellishments, still this cake conveys the message that it is a mardi gras cake. Whoever has made it has I guess consciously chosen to stay away from heavy embellishments and instead created mardi gras mask and feather with the icing itself.


 A bit elaborate, the mask and golden colored feather like structures used all lend it a very festive appeal and the colors used convey very effectively that this is a mardi gras cake. The golden color also makes it appear a bit glamorous, if I might say.



So take your pick from among these 5 brst pictures of mardi gras cakes and get ready to ring in the festivities.

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Best 5 Pictures Of Mardi Gras Cakes