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10 Colorful Holi Foods For Kids Party Menu 

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Making small changes to your Holi menu, like cooking easy recipesis one of the many ways to involve your kids in the Holi party. This occasion calls for an array of colorful foods, which you and your children can enjoy throughout this day. Here is a list of 10 colorful Holi Food recipes for kids that everybody will love.


1. Sweet rice

This is a delicacy your kids will fall in love with due to its sheer sweetness and the combination of bright orange and white colors. Since the kids will end up having 3 to 4 servings during the day, it makes sense to keep the dish healthy. For that you can use low-fat milk, sweeten it with honey instead of sugar and add saffron, instead of color syrup.


2. Meat Kofta curry

This is a great non-vegetarian dish, which will be loved by not just the kids, but the adults too. Its bright red color can be further enhanced with a touch of green in the form of chopped coriander or mint leaves. If you want to make it a bit healthier for your family, add a variety of squash or papaya. The added ingredient will make the meat not only delightfully sweet, but easy to digest as well.


3. Gujjia

This traditional Holi sweet is a stuffed pastry, golden brown in color, which you can pack with, not just jaggery or dry fruit, but even coconut or semolina. If you add jaggery to it, you don’t need to dip it in the sugar syrup later on. So, calories are automatically reduced.


4. Puran Poli

Another sweet delicacy, which is bright yellow in color. You can make it healthier by adding jaggery, instead of sugar, and roasting the Puran Polis, instead of frying them! You can also try to roll our tiny Puran Polis, so that the kids can eat as many as they like.

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5. Dahi Bhalle

Although this dish may take quite some time to prepare, you can serve it as a side dish with just one main course like a biryani. Use low-fat yogurt, dip the fried bhalle in water before adding them to the yogurt. This will suck out as much oil as possible.


6. Kanje Ke Vade

A delicate black gram recipe, it is a naturally yellow-colored dish. You can add more color to it with saffron.


Pick up any of these ideas and prepare a wonderful dinner for your Holi guests. 



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10 Colorful Holi Foods For Kids Party Menu