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10 Expert Tips On How To Prepare Mardi Gras Birthday Cakes

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mardi gras birthday cake

Mardi gras birthday cakes are an ideal way to capture the madness and mayhem that one associates with the event. King cakes, cute cakes, cakes that look bizarre are part of the fun filed atmosphere that is celebrated amid much fanfare. However, it is not always easy baking that ubiquitous Mardi Gras birthday cake. You need to be an expert at baking cakes but you can do well enough with the help of some timely tips too. Here are 10 expert tips on how to prepare Mardi Gras birthday cakes. Take a look…





Tips To Prepare Mardi Gras Birthday Cakes 


  1. You can simply draw the shape of the masks and press them on the cake, carve out the edges carefully and fill in the icing to create the proper effect on all your Mardi Gras birthday cakes.
  2. Adding a real mask on the Mardi Gras birthday cake is a wonderfully innovative idea. It is simple to make as well. Just add on some glitters and gauzy wrapping paper and you will be the proud owner of a unique cake.
  3. Being an Internet addict helps in more ways than one. All you have to is download an effective online clip and blow it up. Trace it and press it firmly on the surface of your cake to get the requisite shape. Decorating such Mardi gras birthday cakes is fun indeed!
  4. A design of your napkin on Mardi gras birthday cakes? A variation that can add the personalized touch. Simply scan the napkin and print it on paper to trace the design on to the cake.
  5. The old fashioned method of creating every step with your own hands is definitely more satisfactory. Be sure to add some sprinklers and curling ribbons in order to get the grotesque effect of masks on your Mardi gras birthday cakes.
  6. A ridiculously easy way out is to bake two cakes and lay them alongside each other. Carve out the eye holes, add icing and add sprinklers. Voila! You have come up with another winner this time.
  7. A multi layered cake with vibrant green, oink, and white icings create the right effect. Feel free to add a mask or two on the surface and you can actually give it silver wings by transfixing them on to the middle layer.
  8. A multi layered as well as multi shaped cakes fixed together with fondant can make Mardi Gras enjoyable indeed! Add some sugared beads and a mask on the top and get ready for the oohs ! and aahs! that follow.
  9. A large cake covered with fondant and a gumpaste mask staring down at you will help you win the competition of Mardi Gras birthday cakes hands down.
  10. A combination of mudcake and white chocolate with a gumpaste and glitter mask along with a hard edible Betty Boop. The ideal combination for a sweet sixteen birthday party.


A birthday is a memorable occasion, share it with all around you but let there be a difference! Create unique Mardi Gras birthday cakes and regale yourself and your friends alike, don’t forget to have fun while your cake masquerades in a mask.


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10 Expert Tips On How To Prepare Mardi Gras Birthday Cakes