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10 Super Delicious Holi Sweets

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kheer for holi

Holi, (also known as Basant Utsav) is the festival of colors that is just around the corner, this year.  Most Indian households make different kinds of sweets to celebrate this fun filled festival. Here are ten such wonderfully, delicious Holi sweets to suit your palate.


Ten Different Sweets for Holi

1. Basundi

A savory thickened sweet milk peppered with saffron and nuts. This sweet dish is extremely popular in the Maharashtra.


2. Gujjiya

Holi would be incomplete without the traditional gujjiya. These are prepared in clarified butter, stuffed with khoa and dry fruits.


3. Kaju Barfi

You can’t go wrong with this favorite. If people in your family love cashew nuts, then this is a must during the time of Holi. You can even flavor this up by making shahi pista barfi or perhaps adding some saffron and making kesar barfi.


4. Gulab Jamuns

These are India’s version of the fried doughnut. These can be made pretty easily if you pick up a readymade mix from the store. The dough is already pre-mixed with the sugar. The sugary syrup is the only thing you need to make from scratch.


5. Puran Poli

A favorite amongst the Gujratis. This dessert is essentially made out of gram lentils and jaggery. You can probably find several recipes online with different variations, so definitely give this sweet a try this Holi.


6. Malpua

These are fritters or pancakes and made out of crushing ripe bananas or even coconut.  This sweet dish is served hot and seasoned with cardamoms.  There are several variations to this sweet, so depending on what part of the country you come from, that will determine how you like this.


7. Ground Rice Pudding

This is a traditional Indian dessert made of rice and creamy milk. It is frequently flavored with delicate spices. Rice pudding is typically made by boiling ground rice with milk & sugar, flavored with cardamom. This dessert is also called Kheer or Payasam and very similar to the western rice pudding.


8. Rangeela Petha

Add a twist to the customary petha by using various edible food colors to make an idyllic holi sweet. The multitude of colors will also be very symbolic of the festival. Pethas are a sweetmeat from the town of Agra. It is made of white pumpkin, candied with sugar.


9. Kulfi 

This is very similar to ice-cream and a popular frozen milk based dessert in India. It is made from the creamiest of milk and comes in a variety of flavors like saffron, cardamom, mango and coconut.


10. Semolina Pudding 

More popularly known as ‘suji ka halwa’ in India, this dessert is made from semolina, clarified butter and sugar. If you don’t enjoy spending too much time in the kitchen, this would be an ideal Holi sweet for you as it is fairly easy to make.


Choose the one that can satiate your sweet tooth or you can very well opt for all of them. Gorging on sweets is bound to make your celebrations even more sweeter. 


Happy Holi!!


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10 Super Delicious Holi Sweets