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5 Super Healthy Holi Sweets

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Holi is fast approaching and all Indian households are getting excited about this fun filled, colorful festival. Of course with the onset of a festival means making and consuming Indian sweets. However, these days more and more people are becoming figure conscious and cutting back on sweets. If you are health conscious and watching your calorie intake then you may not be so excited about the sweet eating part. No need to fret this time as I have 5 great ideas for super healthy Holi sweets.


Carrot Halwa

This is a favorite in Indian households, especially during the time of Holi as carrots are in season. This recipe demands carrots, sugar, clarified butter and whole milk. However this recipe can be modified and made easy on the fat and calories. Instead of whole milk opt for low fat milk; sugar can be substituted with splenda and go easy on the clarified butter. Of course you will be compromising the taste just a wee bit but that’s a small price to pay to ward off the excess calories.


Semolina Pudding

This dessert is very popular in India and is also known as Sheero. It is an enjoyment on every occasion and everybody loves it. Semolina is said to be very healthy and creamy. This pudding does not take much time either and can be made with very few ingredients.



This can also be made as a healthy holi sweet. It is quite popular in Gujarat and Maharasthra. It is traditionally made from hung yogurt, sugar and saffron. To give this sweet a healthy twist, use low fat yogurt and an artificial sweetener in place of sugar. You can even add fruits to this to sweet to give it some more flavor.



This is a rice based dessert blend with almonds, pistachios, raisins, and Saffron.  The saffron in this dessert has a cooling effect on the body and the milk and nuts provide a lot of protein per serving.  You could even try using honey or maple syrup instead of sugar in the recipe.  You can try using a variety of dried fruits like apricots and apples for the garnish.


Yogurt Sundae with Saffron and Pomegranate

This is a great option for a Holi sweet. It is a super-healthy, yogurt dessert with saffron, honey and fresh fruits. Use strained yogurt to make this as this reduces the calorie content. You don’t have to stick with the pomegranate in this sweet. Use your favorite fruits or whatever’s in season.  Using colorful fruits like pomegranate and perhaps oranges and apples will help symbolize the colorful festival of Holi. Fresh grated cinnamon would also be a fantastic topping for this holi sweet.


Holi Hai Bhai Holi Hai!!! Happy Holi To All!!

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5 Super Healthy Holi Sweets