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10 Spanish Foods For Valentines Day Dinner

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This blog will help you in choosing the 10 Spanish foods for Valentine’s Day Dinner, if you have made plans to surprise your partner with special dinner.  Spain is a land of multifaceted culinary diversity, owing to this fact I have tried to include seafood and meat laced dishes in the list of Spanish foods to be served on Valentine’s Day.



  1. Gambas a la plancha: The Spaniards believe that seafood has aphrodisiacal properties. They mostly gorge on the gambas at the tapas bar with sherry or wine.  The gambas are prepared by combining shrimp with olive oil, lemon, sanlucar sea salt and shrimp.

  2. Endive Salad with Cabrales Cheese and Oranges: The romantic cabrales cheese from Asturias adds romance to this dish by getting gelled with orange.  That’s why I thought that it deserves to be in the list of Spanish foods to be served during  Valentine’s Day dinner. It is prepared by combining Cabareles with Belgian endives, plain yogurt, oranges, sliced almonds, chopped parsley and yogurt.

  4. Hake Fillets with Clams in Salsa Verde: This is one of the most romantic Spanish foods from Basque country which combines the goodness of many aphrodisiacs like clams and asparagus.  This dish is prepared by combining ingredients like clams, salt, water, garlic, hot peppered flaks, all-purpose flour, dry white wine, parsley, white asparagus, and eggs.

  5. Roasted duck with pears: I felt that the elegancy in choice of ingredients makes it one of the most eligible Spanish foods to be served for Valentines Day dinner. The duck is cooked with salt, black pepper, chicken stock, duck fat, garlic, onions, parsley, thyme, tomatoes, and dry sherry.

  6. Flan: This is one of the most appealing Spanish foods to round off a celebration. It is a classic dessert which is prepared by using milk, cinnamon stick, lemon zest, egg yolks and granulated sugar. Various flavors of this dessert are squared by substituting flavorsome liquid for a part of milk or all of milk.

  7.  Tocinillo de cielo : The name translates to “heavens little pig” in chaste Spanish. The dessert is prepared by combining milk, sugar, and water.

  8. Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons: I can ensure that these are special Spanish foods that will add a touch of royalty to your Valentine’s Day dinner.  I read somewhere that this extraordinary treat is the brain child of Raquel and Senador Valero who lived amongst fig trees in the Southwestern Spain.

  9. Honey Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate and Crystalised Banana: This sweet treat will moisten up the iron hearts.  You should surely add it to the list of Spanish foods that you are going to serve for Valentine’s Day dinner.

  10. Grilled King Prawns with Lobster Juice: Aphrodisiacs, aphrodisiacs, aphrodisiacs! These are the words that come to my mind when I think of prawns grilled with lobster juice. I feel these are the most romantic Spanish foods of all time.

  11. Honey Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate and Crystalised Banana: I feel it will be an understatement to say that the chocolates are romantic. This special dessert will moisten the atmosphere and inject the feeling of eternal love in the minds of the lovers. 


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10 Spanish Foods For Valentines Day Dinner