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Top 10 Healthy Cookies For Valentines Day

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Valentines is all about love, trust, and respect. The cakes, cookies and trimmings; is there any day more wonderful to thank God for giving you your loved ones?

  1. Chocolate-ginger cookies-  though it is very hard to imagine any valentine without whipped creams and dripping melting chocolates, we can’t throw away the health ideas just because it is Valentines! Check out this Ginger cookie recipe, it is healthy and a perfect party cruncher!
  2. Butter-oat cookies- my mum used to bake these cookies for Valentine’s day for my friends and me, which I used to hate to give away! But now, I simply love sharing these yummy cookies with my hubby!
  3. Big chunk o' love- the best healthy cookies are the ones that cookies for Valentine’s Day and can be shared. This big chunk o’ love cookie is the perfect party sharing cookie. I sum it up as one of the best healthy valentine cookies, since there no servings! Surprised? Well, this is one all big cookie that you can share with your friends, and ask them to take a bite of your heart!
  4. Peanut butter cookies- Nothing pleases my sweetheart more than a peanut butter jelly sandwich. I am sure that you would have never thought that when we talk about the best healthy cookies and especially for the cookies for Valentine’s Day,

            I would talk about Peanut butter! But it is true;There are hardly ever reasons to give this delicious cookie a miss.The Peanut Butter cookies are healthy, yummy and loved by all…and for the love-ly day!   

  5. Sugar Cookies- I know we are looking for ‘healthy’ cookies, well, a little bit of sugar sprinklings wouldn’t hurt right? These colorful and ever-so-awesome cookies for Valentines day are the perfect to pack and give to your friends and family.
  6. Strawberry wigglies cookies- now, this one is tried and tested recipe. I honestly did not know how to make pink food. Does anyone? Well, so the next best thing was to find a decorative put on which would make my cookie one of the best healthy cookies. So out came the center of the cookie, the in went pink strawberry jam! I couldn’t believe it was so simple to bake cookies for Valentines Day!
  7. Choco-chip cookies- Can there ever be lovey-dovey valentine without the mention of chocolate? NO! So, as we search for the best healthy cookies for Valentines day, we cannot ignore the Choco-chip cookies that have been the favorites for lovers world over!
  8. Raisin Cookies- Ok, this is an honest confession. I rate raisin above chocolates. Well, it is a better health alternative. It sweetens food perfectly and contains lot of nutrients. Plus, Raisin cookies go wonderfully well with milk! Aren’t these the top best healthy cookies?
  9. Spicy-cinnamon cookies- Too much of SWEETNESS makes me want to look the other way. Since, I don’t really believe in all things conventional, looking for the best cookies for Valentine’s Day needn’t be different! The awesome fragrance of cinnamon and spice touch of this cookie, gives that added spice to your love! Fire it up!
  10. Orange-Almond Cookies - what is better than the smell of nice fresh oranges and the crunch of almonds while having a chocolate shake and a Love movie? Sigh! The nutritional value of these cookies for Valentines day is amazing, oranges and almonds make the perfect combination of tangy fun and wise crunchy choices.

All this has made me realize that Valentines Day isn’t very far, I better gear up! Hmm, pinks or reds this time? Any suggestions how I theme my party?

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Top 10 Healthy Cookies For Valentines Day