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Top 5 Valentine's Day Food Crafts

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Expressing your love happens to be the chief idea behind the celebrations on 14th  February. Why not do it in style by gifting your partner with Valentine's Day crafts that you have created in your kitchen? It surely beats the commercial packages hollow while your Valentine gets to realize how much you care. Conjuring up a few exceptional Valentine's Day food ideas are not too difficult either. All you have to do is don your thinking hat and you are sure to get innovative ideas about making love special crafts with food. Here is a list of the best food crafts that might help you along the way.


1. Chocolate Roses

 Create a unique posy of pink and white chocolate roses with milk and dark chocolate plastic. Considered to be one of the most traditional Valentine's Day food crafts, the roses will voice your feelings admirably.

chocolate roses


2. Candy Conversation Hearts

 Another of the brilliant Valentine's Day food ideas that can serve your purpose is to gift your partner with a bunch of love notes written on heart shaped candies.



3. Valentine’s Day Tarts

A collection of heart shaped sugary tarts will definitely succeed in winning your Valentine’s heart.



4. Brownie Bugs

 A wise beetle made with butter & sugar will earn you brownie points for creating the most romantic and cute Valentine’s Day gift.

brownie bug


5. St.Valentine Cake

Bake a saintly looking pink heart cake with strawberry, chocolate and whipped cream and watch the arrow strike home.

Valentine cake


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Top 5 Valentine's Day Food Crafts