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Take These Wine Resolutions In The New Year

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You make many resolutions every New Year's eve but how many do you stay true to? Well, the wine resolution is something you should stick to because it will not only benefit you with better wine but will leave more money in your pocket too. Cheers!


Wine Resolutions To Take This New Year

  • The first resolution for New Year would be to buy your wine directly from the wineries. This ensures that you get authentic stuff at relatively lower prices. Wineries also profit by this method of sale since they save almost 40% on the sticker prices. Wineries world over are experiencing distress and the direct sales are the best way to contain the situation. The wineries are supported by direct sales and in a way puts pressure on the existing traditional method of wine sales.
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  • Wine resolutions should definitely include this one. You can try and visit regions which are not famous but are closer home providing good quality wines. For wine connoisseurs this is the best opportunity to take off on a road trip and visit remote areas, sample local wines and have a lovely time.


  • New Year resolutions pertaining to wine should include to remind you to think small and experiment with various flavors of local wines. Many new small labels seem to have come up from the West Coast and wine making seems to be enjoying inconsistent status here unlike large wineries besotted with consistency in their labels. Even though it might seem to be cluttered or complicated, small labels are here to stay. Try them.
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  • Try out new wines and drink more of Mourvedre, Carignane, Grenache etc. Cinsault should be tried if you manage to find it. Enjoy Grenache as much as possible since it is equivalent to drinking Pinot Noir. Another wine that is worth every sip is the Cabernet Franc.


  • Your wine resolutions should not miss the drink more Magnums resolution. Magnums create party everywhere and is the favorite for all party goers. Magnum, unlike other wines, is ageless and affordable when compared to many other counterparts. So party away this year with Magnums.


​Make use of this expertise and choose carefully while you take the wine resolutions this New Year. 







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Take These Wine Resolutions In The New Year