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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!  Today is Orthodox Easter (Greek, Serbian, Russian, Bulgarian, Coptic, etc.)  I found this wonderful blogg by Medena which shows how to dye these Easter Eggs as they used to do with onion skins and the leaf patterns in Serbia:

also checkout the Bread Easter Basket

My son-in-law's mother makes these eggs too!


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It is a big, biggest holiday for Orthodox. Name Day , Slava, is very important to families. Name day is not an individual event, but rather a family affair. The feast is called, in Serbian, Slava (Thanksgiving or Glory-giving) and is kept on the feast day of the patron Saint of the entire family. The Slava is a purely religious celebration and this is epitomized by the slavsky kolach (slava cake) - a special version of the Paschal Kolach (Kulich in Russian) which is baked for the occasion and which bears the family's prosphora seal with the sign of the Cross Shanti/Mary-Anne
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What is the relation between Egg and Easter?
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Ganesh, to put it in few words, the egg is a symbol of resurrection, or the start of new life. We color it red, representing the blood of Christ spilled during the crucifixion. Hope that is a good enough answer ;) Mary-Anne, thank you again for the reference to my blog! :) I like your blog too, much to be discovered!
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Thanks Medena for sharing this nice information. Please post your blogs here , it is also a great platform.
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does egg hunting comes with the occasion? because in my place it has been a tradition in some during easter for the kids to "hunt" for eggs that comes with prizes. i remember this when i was a kid, and usually got the most prizes! it is usually done, to keep the kids busy while the folks are busy preparing the easter dishes.
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I first found out about egg hunting here in the USA, so I really don’t know how that came about. I grew up in formerly Yugoslavia, in Croatia to be exact, and in my place of birth, which was mostly made up of Orthodox families , we didn’t have egg hunt, but we had “egg battles“, if you will. Kids would hit each others’ eggs, and whichever egg survives, or doesn’t get broken, he/she is the winner, and gets to collect the broken egg! : ) I was really good at determining which egg is strong, so needles to say, at the end, I had a T-shirt full of eggs, and egg salad was inevitable : )
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thats interesting! glad to hear some traditions in your country...oh btw, welcome to! i hope you'll enjoy your stay! keep it up! ^_^
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The hand-painted Easter Eggs are lovely!
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The Easter eggs look so beautiful. The customs and traditions associated with Easter is what makes it such a great time. With innovative ideas, the egg art is also seeing some significant changes what with Victoria Beckham and other celebrities making it to the Easter eggs. Would Easter be the same after a couple of years?