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Top 10 Traditional New Year Foods

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New year

A variety of trends and customs are followed across the globe to welcome the New Year. People eat different traditional foods, each one having its own significance. If you want to know more about it, here are the details.



It is a tradition in Spain to eat 12 grapes at midnight on the New Year’s Eve. One grape for each stoke of the clock and each grape represents a different month, so if for instance the fifth grape is a bit sour then, May might be a rocky month.



Fish is a traditional choice of food in many pockets of the world.The reason for this could be that it is easy to preserve and transport. Japanese eat herring roe for fertility and shrimps for a long life. Cod is a popular choice at many places including Italy, Denmark, North Africa and the Caribbean. Herring is considered auspicious in Poland and Germany.

Italian Cotechino Con Lenticchie

Italians welcome the New Year with much vigor. The traditional New Year food served in Italy is cotechino con lenticchie. Cotechino sausage is also considered lucky to be eaten on the New Year’s Eve. Lentils are used in the preparation of these traditional cuisines, which symbolizes wealth.

Cooked Greens

In South America, it is a custom to eat greens such as cabbage, collards, and kale on the New Year’s. It is due to the reason that the green leaves resemble paper money and is symbolic of prosperity. It is believed that more greens one eats on the New Year’s the bigger the fortune in the coming year.

Traditional foods

Soba Noodles

The Traditional New Year Food in Japan is the soba noodles. These noodles should be savored without breaking them. It is said that if, one is able to savor the soba noodles without breaking them, it brings good health throughout the year.

Black Eyed Peas

This tradition of eating black eyed peas is more prevalent in the Southern United States and the practice dates back to civil war era.It is the first food to be eaten on a New Years Day. Since peas are coin shaped and swell on cooking they are symbolic of money and eating it brings in lot of good luck and prosperity.


Champagne has become the lucky drink for the New Year’s Eve. People drink Champagne on the New Year's Eve as it is believed to bring charm and happiness.


Cakes are eaten all over the world from Christmas to the New Year’s, the most preferred shape being round. In certain traditions a silver coin or trinket is baked inside the cake. It is believed that who ever gets the piece of cake with the silver coin is the luckiest and will have lots of good luck throughout the year.


Pig is the only animal that pushes itself forward while eating and this symbolizes progress. Hence eating Pork on the New Year’s is a tradition in many parts of the world. Due to its rich fat content, it is believed to signify wealth and prosperity.


The Greeks have a custom of eating Vasilopita, which is basically a baked cake with a coin inside it. It is believed that the New Year will bring lot of good luck to that person who gets the coin.

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Top 10 Traditional New Year Foods