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Great Holiday Cookies That Travel Well Too

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Great holiday cookies that travel well too – I know during this Christmas and New Year time most of you might be looking out for the some holiday cookie ideas that travel well too.  You can also consider these holiday cookie ideas that travel well too.


Molasses Crinkles: These are my all time favorite holiday cookies that travel well too. Good is the keyword to describe this cookie. The moistness of the cookie allows it to remain in good shape for long time and the molasses retains the freshness and taste of the crinkles for long time. That means you can pack these favorite cookies for holidays or you can ship them to your near and dear ones.


White Chocolate, Cranberry, and Macadamia Nut Cookies:  A buttery cookie that entertains you for the long time. I believe these are one of the great holiday cookies that travel well too because it can remain good and moist for long time. You can perhaps try out various permutations and combinations with the ingredients involved i.e. you can substitute cranberries in place of Macadamia nuts or add extra chocolate chips. But any way they taste good.


Pumpkin Pie Biscotti Recipe: I know that feisty Christmas time has arrived; still you are finding it hard to part with the Thanksgiving food memories, that’s why I suggested that you should go for these Biscotti cookies. This Pumpkin Biscotti will remain wonderfully fresh for long time. Why don’t you consider shipping it to your friends living in far areas? I recommend you try out these holiday cookies that travel well too.


Ranger Cookies:  A hearty goody which amazes you with its elegant and satisfying taste and floors you with its appeal and great shelf life. You can stuff it with everything good you can find around such as coconut, oats, crushed corn flakes and pecans.  Through my own experiences I have realized these holiday cookies travel well too.  These cookies don’t have any Texan origin and they are in no way related to Texas Ranger, still I don’t know from where they got this name.


Double Chocolate Toffee Cookies:  After tasting it for the first time you will feel that you have tasted some health bar crunched up with chocolate shake.  I have suggested everyone to go for these holiday cookies that travel too. I am eager to shout from rooftop that they are sooooo… good.  This cookie is powerhouse of tastes.


Rum Bars:  I hope by now you might have got into the festive spirits of the season. These rum bars will intensify the joy of the season. These rum drenched bars will give you a good side kick and encourage you to get drenched in colors of the Christmas and New Year. The rum enlivens the taste for a long time, that’s why I count it amongst one of those great holiday cookies that travel well too.  Ensure that you don’t get an overdose with the extra rum.


Quaker Famous Oatmeal Cookies: I think these cookies don’t need any special introduction because most of us have grown up on these traditional oatmeal cookies.  The secret to its longevity lies in a cooking trick. Pull these oatmeal cookies out of the oven when they are little undone, this will help to retain its moistness. These oatmeal cookies remain fresh for long time.   I think most of us find it hard to part with its glorious taste that lingers in our minds since childhood.


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Great Holiday Cookies That Travel Well Too