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8 Sandwich Cookies To Nibble Upon During Holidays

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We present before you 8 Sandwich Cookies to nibble upon during Holidays.


Chewy Almond-Raspberry Sandwich Cookies:  These cookies are a cross between a Linzer cookie and almond horseshoe cookie. For best results you can team them with apricot jam and blackberry.  You will simply love slivers of almond used to garnish the cookies. This is perhaps one of the most delicious sandwich cookies for holidays.

By eating a single almond-raspberry sandwich cookie you are packing in 140.7 kcal at 0 mg cholesterol, and 20.2 gms of carbs.  Leaving aside these nutrition figures these are perfect sandwich cookies for holidays.


Peanut butter sandwich cookies with milk chocolate filling:  The name itself announces that this is one of the  most appealing sandwich cookies for holidays. You can kick off your holidays by preparing and serving peanut butter sandwich cookies.  Instead of using the market bought peanut butter it is always good to use the fresh peanut butter in the batter. We can simply say it’s amazing.  By eating a single cookie you are bound to pack in 380 kcal at 20 mg cholesterol and 40 g carbs.


Double Chocolate Sandwich cookies: While reading through its recipe information you will feel that double chocolate sandwich cookies are best for holidays. Crisp chocolate wafers, and ganache filling used for making these cookies are prepared from fine-quality milk chocolate.  The eater packs in 132 kcal in total with 0 mg cholesterol and 20.31 gms of carbs by eating a double chocolate sandwich cookie.


Caramel Sandwich Cookies: Generally these cookies are prepared from Dulce de Leche (thick caramel made from sweetened milk). If that’s not available then you can go for thick caramel sauce or caramel ice cream.  By tasting a single caramel sandwich cookie you are bound to pack in  229 kcal in total with 46 mg cholesterol and 35 gms of carb. We say that this is one of the best sandwich cookie ideas of all time because it exudes elegance. Do add it to your list of best sandwich cookies for holidays.


Pecan Lace Sandwich Cookies with Orange Buttercream:  We think there aren’t many pleasant ways of combining orange, nut and pecans, than this! These cookies not only regale you with their pleasant taste but also amaze you with their form.  By hearing this don’t you think these cookies are apt for holidays? These are perhaps one of the novel sandwich cookies for holidays.  One piece of the cookie serves you 150 kcal, with 0mg cholesterol and 30 gms of carbs.


Mint-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies: Chocolate and mint, wow how amazing?! Don’t you think you should prepare these cookies for holidays?  The mint filling sandwiched between two chocolate halves makes it worth trying.  A single cookie serves you 155 calories, with 0 mg cholesterol, and 20 gm carbs.


White Chocolate Snowballs: If asked about one word to describe these cookies, then we think gorgeous will be an apt word.  You just need to roll in flaked coconut and spread in little white chocolate while preparing this chocolate snowballs.  If you are allergic to coconuts then you can replace it with dried chopped cranberries.  A single white chocolate snowball cookie serves you 176 calories, with 19 mg cholesterol and 22 gm carbs.


Ginger-Spice Sandwich Cookies with Lemon Cream:  For best results you can prepare this spicy cookie a day in advance. It takes almost 24 hours for the spices to get mingle properly.  This is out and out a tasty cookie.  A single cookie serves you 150 kcal,  25 mg cholesterol, and 24 gm carbs. 


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8 Sandwich Cookies To Nibble Upon During Holidays