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Top 10 Mixed Drinks For New Year

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Mixed drinks for New YearServing mixed drinks this New Year. These are some of the top 10 mixed drinks for New Year that can help you plan your drinks menu this New Year. New Year drinks need to be a combination of a variety of drinks so that everyone can enjoy the party and have fun.







10 New Year Mixed Drinks

  1. Sex on the beach – A very delicious and refreshing cocktail, which is also knownMixed drink for New Year as Fun on the beach. This drink is a mixture of cranberry juice, vodka, peach schnapps and also orange juice. There are several variations of this drink – the most common is the use of coconut rum use instead of vodka.
  2. Martini – A very tantalizing drink which is prepared by combining dry white, red and sweet wine. To create different variations of this drink, you can use variety of wines in different ratios.
  3. Mojito – This is one of those mixed drinks which are prepared with 5 ingredients. These include lime, mint, sugar, carbonated water and rum. This drink is available in a wide number of variations in different parts of the world.
  4. Flaming Volcano – This drink is a lovely combination of fresh orange juice, brandy, pineapple juice, rum and almond syrup. These ingredients can be mixed in different ratios to get a variation in taste.
  5. Screwdiver – This is one of those drinks which is popular since 1950’s. It is a blend of vodka and fresh orange juice. There are many variations of this cocktail.
  6. Bloody Mary – You will find this to be another very interesting blend of Tobasco sauce, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, salt and brandy. It is completely reddish brown in color, due to which it is known as Bloody Mary. It has a very distinct taste.
  7. Mixed drinks for New YearSea Breeze – This is a very old cocktail which was developed for the first time in 1920’s. It is a complete blend of grenadine and gin which has tints of cranberry juice and grape fruit juice. Sea Breeze tastes wonderful with French fries and fish chops served with barbecue sauce.
  8. Margarita – Lemon juice is perfectly blended with tequila to prepare this drink. A pinch of salt on the rim of the glass is added to enhance its taste. Many bar tenders choose to mix in egg whites to make Margarita very frothy. Mango juice, raspberry, lemon juice and strawberry is also added to make this drink uniquely flavored.
  9. Long IslandVodka, tequila, rum and gin are used to prepare Long Island. Those who are fond of Brandy, can use it instead of tequila. Several variations can be made with this drink to make it a complete New Year drink.
  10. Pina colada – One of those few drinks which are very difficult to resist. The richness of coconut cream and rum makes this drink very unique with a taste of its own. You can add ice as well as some pineapple juice to this drink and make it really very sumptuous.

Make sure you and your guests have the right mixed drink in your hand while ushering in the New Year.


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Top 10 Mixed Drinks For New Year