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Top 10 Alcoholic Drinks For New Year

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Alcoholic drink for new yearPlanning something special for New Years. Do not forget to get the right drinks. Take a look at the top 10 alcoholic drinks apt for New Year.  Have all these drinks in your party or just include a few of them – you and your guests will love the taste.





10 Alcoholic Drinks to Serve this New Year


  1. Washington Apple – One of the sour drinks which you might love to have with fried chicken for New Year. You will love the tint of cranberry juice in this drink.
  2. Strawberry Kamikaze – An exotic drink which is prepared with lime juice, strawberry Stoli, and Triple Sec. This is a yummy drink to start your year and a perfect drink for a night out with your friends.
  3. Crown Royal - This is a perfect alcoholic drink for all whiskey lovers. This makes an ideal drink for starting your parties. You can have it with ginger ale or your favorite soft drink – you will also love it with fried onion rings.
  4. AMF – This drink is included in all parties as it is a party drink. This is one of those drinks which is unique combination of rum, blue curacao, soft drinks, vodka and whiskey. This makes it a complete punch for your party which you shouldn’t miss this year.
  5. Heineken – This is a beer lover’s delight. A perfect beer for the party - you can have this drink with baked vegetables or roasted chicken. Include a shot of whiskey and have fun with your friends with this special drink.
  6. Grey Goose – Anyone who loves vodka is surely going to appreciate this drink. This is a completely smooth drink which you can have with cranberry juice or Red Bull. The ideal appetizer which can be served with this drink is puffed cheese ball.
  7. Alcoholic drink for New YearTokyoTea – Many alcohol lovers still consider this to be the number one drink. It is a perfect combination of Midori melon liqueur, vodka, rum, 1800 tequila, gin and Triple Sec. This is one of the most recommended fruity flavored drinks for you to enjoy on New Year.
  8. Chocolate cake – No, this is not any cake for a birthday party! This is a drink which is prepared with Frangelico hazelnut liqueur along with Stoli vanilla vodka. This  is enjoyed the most when served with a slice of fresh lemon and sugared rim.
  9. Blue Lamborghini – Have this and get completely drunk and enjoy to the fullest. Lamborghini is prepared with Blue Curacao and Bacardi 151, which makes it  a complete drink.
  10. Patron – This is a great drink for those who are not fond of tequilas and believe them to be very harsh. You can enjoy it the most when you have it chilled with hot and spicy chicken fried with barbecue sauce.


With these alcoholic drinks in hand, the party would be just perfect to usher in the New Year.


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Top 10 Alcoholic Drinks For New Year