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Quick And Easy Holiday Desserts

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Quick and easy holiday desserts are ideas which help you to devote very little time on cooking and baking within which you can easily prepare some of the best quick holiday desserts. These desserts can be prepared even when you have guests dropping at your home  suddenly and you have nothing to serve. Just try out some of these special desserts and enjoy the fun of having such food anytime you wish.


Banana bread with nuts – A delicious dessert which is prepared with banana cream pudding, yellow cake mix, vegetable oil, ripe bananas, eggs, pecans and little water. The ingredients are well mixed and baked for 45 minutes before serving to the guests.


Vanilla cheesecake – This is one of those desserts which are simply loved by kids. To prepare this cheesecake you need cream cheese, eggs, sugar, vanilla extracts, cracker crust and also sour cream. The cracker crust is first prepared for this cheesecake. The other ingredients are then mixed well till the cream cheese becomes smooth. When the batter is well prepared, it is poured into the crust and then baked for 50 minutes. Sour cream can be whisked and then baked. The cheesecake when prepared should be cooled and refrigerated before it is served to the guests.


Oatmeal cookies with spices and pecans – This makes a perfect evening dessert to simply 539872-oatmeal-cookies-prepared-with-spices.ashxw380munch on while you are  chatting and having fun with friends. Corn syrup, vanilla extracts, brown sugar, unsalted butter, eggs, kosher salt, baking soda, apple pie, pumpkin pie spice, oatmeal and baking soda are the main ingredients required for preparing these cookies. Once you have mixed all the ingredients well, it needs just 20 minutes to bake these cookies. The cookies are usually cooled before they are served with fresh fruit juices or coffee.


Chocolate bread pudding – This is one of those desserts which you can prepare for any kids party, because kids love the chocolate flavored pudding. Milk, eggs, margarine, chocolate chips, vanilla extracts, bread crusts, white bread crusts and heavy cream is used to make this pudding. A chocolate sauce is spread as the top layer of the bread. It is covered with a plastic wrap for baking purpose. You can add some chopped chocolate flakes as its topping before serving to the guests. It tastes best when it is served chilled.


Pumpkin bread – This is a wonderful dessert which you can prepare for Christmas or even New Year holidays. You will just need some pumpkin pie filling, granulated sugar, molasses, vanilla extracts, baking powder, nutmegs, ground cloves, ground ginger and kosher salt. The ingredients are all combined in a large bowl before baking for 60 minutes. Once you find that the bread is well baked, you can let it rest for 10 minutes. After this, you can use a sharp knife to slice the bread. 


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Quick And Easy Holiday Desserts