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Quick And Easy Holiday Appetizers

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Holy December has arrived. You can celebrate this holiday season with your loved ones by serving some quick and easy holiday appetizers. December is the time to rejoice and enjoy the warmth of home, friends and food. This blog gives you ideas on how to make these tasty appetizers.


“Sensational” Shrimp Dip: You will enjoy this sensational shrimp dip to the last scoop. We call it sensational because it makes the best use of all its available flavors. In our opinion this dip encapsulates the richness of butter and cream cheese, tanginess of lemon zest, savory flavor of bay seasoning and onion, hotness of the cayenne pepper, and freshness of the shrimp. This dip tastes great when chilled and served with crackers.  


“Holiday special” Bleu Cheeseball: A bleu cheeseball simply wows you with its tantalizing taste. It will take only a few minutes to blend the ingredients, and even fewer minutes for your guests to eat it right up!  As the name suggest this bleu cheeseball is flavored with herbs like parsley and spiced with ingredients like cayenne pepper and red pepper. You can serve these bleu cheese balls with pita bread, crackers and raw veggies.  


Honeydew Melon Slices Wrapped in Paper-Thin Prosciutto: This elegant dish falls in the realm of super easy appetizer recipes because it takes less than 5 minutes to create and serve. We don’t need to elaborate further on the recipe because the name says all.


Fruit and Cheese: Fruit and cheese is a classic phrase and a classic dish too. Blue cheese pairs well with fruits like pears. This recipe also falls into the realm of super easy appetizers because all you have to do is slice the fruit and add the cheeses. The appetizer is ready. To enhance its visual and sensory appeal you can perhaps garnish it with pecans and walnuts.


Red and Green Grape Tomato Appetizer: Simple and rich are the two words to describe this appetizer. You can quickly whip up this appetizer if you have some cheese, and fresh red and green grape tomatoes. The vivid colors will look beautiful on a serving plate. We bet your guests would simply yearn for more.


Oysters: Oysters and appetizers! Its easier to whip an easy appetizer using the oyster. You only need to shuck oysters and serve them with an assortment of horseradish, red wine vinegar and lemon wedges. To savor the freshness of the oysters it is always better to serve it with a little lemon juice.


Smoked Seafood: You just need to mix and match the ingredients to whip up this appetizer. Arrange salmon, mussels and trout on a platter and serve it with lemon wedges and cup of mayonnaise mixed with lemon juice, crushed peppers, and capers. Serve it with toasted French bread.


IFOOD wishes you Happy Snacking and wonderful holidays!


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Quick And Easy Holiday Appetizers