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Holiday Food: Best 5 Holiday Foods To Enjoy This Season

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We love December! The feasts and the holiday season all scream indulgence... but it is also important to watch how much you eat, which is why we've got a great list of foods that can be enjoyed without missing out on all the fun. Here is a list of the best 5 holiday foods to enjoy this season



Cranberries: This you have got to love. They are low in fat, have a lot of potassium and the fiber you need to make it an absolute health must have, not to mention that cranberries are also a good source of antioxidants.


Turkey: Turkey is high in protein which is why, after a good portion of turkey, you are less likely to overeat and overindulge. Additionally, turkey is one of the leanest sources of protein. It is best to skin the turkey before cooking it, as this will help reduce the fat intake. Studies have proven that a three-ounce serving of skinless turkey breast has  only a gram of fat and about 120 calories.


Cocoa: Despite its bad rep, chocolate is said to have some health benefits. It is advisable to have one piece of chocolate per day and it will lower blood pressure levels, which will in turn lower your chances of having a stroke. Dark chocolate, made with about 70% cacao or more will also do you good. Studies have found out that this will help lower the bad cholesterol formation and will help increase HDL, or the good cholesterol. So....chocolate lovers, rejoice! but remember to enjoy in moderation.


Green beans: These are one of the best things you can have during the holiday season. They are packed with vitamins A, K and C. They also contain a lot of fiber along with iron and potassium. You can steam or boil the beans, add some healthy seasonings and they're ready to eat! Avoid adding butter and//or cream to dress-up your beans, unless it is a must, and if you do use them, do so in moderation.


Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a great source of nutrients. Bake them with the confidence that they are a great source of vitamins, fiber and potassium.


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Holiday Food: Best 5 Holiday Foods To Enjoy This Season