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How To Organize An Office Holiday Party

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This is the right time to decide on the office holiday party, and before that you should go through this article on – how to organize an office holiday party. Organizing a holiday party at office is not similar to organizing a party at home. While the later is mostly an informal get-together, the former is just the opposite. Here you have to keep in mind about nitty-gritty details of everything, starting from the planning part to the execution part. So, it would be better to form a group to share all the responsibilities for organizing the party.


Step 1 – Call a Meeting


The first step of organizing the office holiday party would be to call a meeting to form the committee or a group with interested office members. This is quite important part, as every member of the group has to be equally effective to handle the individual responsibility perfectly and sincerely. Once the group is formed you can go ahead with planning on your party.


Step 2 – Sit to Plan


This is perhaps the most important part of the task, as you have to take care of lots of issues and decide on the right choices. First of all, consider your budget for the party. Since, you are not going to spend on your own; you have to consider this factor seriously. Now, decide on a convenient date and then decide on the venue and time. Next, you should look into the details for decoration and food. Also, you should consider having some kind of fun activities, entertainments or games during the party. Finally, think of buying small gifts or mementos for presenting to the attending members. When everything has been decided, delegate individual responsibilities among the group members. Ask them to concentrate only on their area and try their best to make it a success.


Step 3 – Choice of Vendors or Service Providers


You need to take help from some vendors or service providers for catering food to the party or renting venue or buying gifts etc. Whatever you do, you have to look for a vendor. Choosing the right person sometimes becomes very confusing and critical. In this regard, you may look for references from your friends, relatives or neighbors. You can also search through the internet to find out the best option for the particular responsibility. While finalizing your choice, don’t forget to finalize the financial deal also.


Step 4 – Set a Target Date


While all the preparations are going on, set a final target date one or two days before the holiday party for making everything ready and arranged. It means that all kinds of dealings will be complete, the menu will be decided on, the gifts will be ready and the party activities will get finalized by that date. It will also give sometime to the organizers to prepare them for the event. Meanwhile, don’t forget to notify the date, venue and time for the holiday party to your colleagues and other guests.


Step 5 – Final Preparation

Just before couple of days of the party, sit with the group and do a final status checking. In case, you find something is not according to the schedule, you can take some emergency action in that area. This 2-3 days time will be helpful for taking that urgent decisions and actions. Otherwise, get some shopping done for attending the holiday party.


All is set. It's time to celebrate. So what are you waiting for? Organize an office holiday party and have a blast! 


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How To Organize An Office Holiday Party