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Christmas Menu With Ham

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Christmas menu with ham includes some of those interesting  ideas which we all need at some time or the other. Christmas menu ham includes all those dishes which are prepared with ham in different ways – some such ham based Christmas foods are mentioned below. Hope you enjoy all these dishes and have fun with your family and friends.


Whiskey honey baked ham: To prepare this honey baked ham, you need fully cooked ham, bourbon, whole cloves and honey. You can use spirally sliced ham in a small bowl, stir it with bourbon, ground cloves and honey. You can place the ham in a baking dish and brush it with honey bourbon mixture. The ham can be baked for ten minutes or till it turns golden brown in color. Once you notice that the ham turns golden and juice starts flowing, you can stop baking and serve it.            


Cheddar, ham, potato soup – This is one of the tastiest soups which you can serve on Christmas. You will need thinly sliced ham pieces to prepare this soup with heavy cream. It can be served with salad and whole crispy breads.


Ham and bean soup – This makes an interesting ham soup – it is prepared with cubed ham, ham bones, chopped onions, bay leaves, chopped carrots, thinly sliced celery, navy beans, tomato sauce and other vegetables as per desire. All vegetables, ham bones and ham needs to be boiled and seasonings added before serving.


Pineapple ham salad – This makes a wonderful food for any Christmas celebration. You will need fresh bread slices, Swiss cheese, sliced ham, fresh cored pineapple, basil leaves and salted butter to prepare this salad. This salad is prepared by frying the pineapple slices on a dry skillet and then drying them. You can assemble sandwich and add ham before you heat the pineapple slices, basils and top it with Swiss cheese.


Mustard Ham glazed – You need fresh ham, spicy Dijon mustard, brown sugar, butter cloves, cinnamon and other seasonings. You need to dot the top of the ham slices with whole cloves and pineapple juices. It is recommended to brush the ham slices before cooking them.


Spicy ham sandwich – This makes an interesting Christmas day lunch dish – it can be used as a traditional ham breakfast menu item too. To prepare this sandwich you will need havarti cheese, rye bread, tomato slices, lean ham which is chopped, banana pepper, chopped parsley, mayonnaise dressing and pepper. You can add some fresh herbs with ham if you wish to add to the richness of the dish. You just need to layer all the ingredients in between the slices of bread and enjoy to your utmost.


Baked ham with mustard and cola glaze – This makes a very delicious ham glaze dish, which you can include in your Christmas menu. You will need cooked ham, cloves, maple syrup, brown sugar, cola, ginger, ground cinnamons, and mustards along with other ingredients. The ham needs to be baked for 20 minutes before serving.


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Christmas Menu With Ham