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The Perfect Christmas Dinner Setting For Two

christmas dinner for two



  1. To prepare the perfect, romantic Christmas meal for two, you need to plan your menu at least a couple of days in advance. This ensures you will have enough time to get all the ingredients ahead of time so that you're not rushing to get anything last minute. 

  2. Decide upon how and where you are going to serve dinner- You can either have at the table of course, but try eating by the Christmas tree or near the fire place to make it more romantic. 

  3. Decide on what kind of cuisine you want to prepare this Christmas. Make sure the entire meal has a cohesive feel to it. Do not mix and match dishes from different cuisines unless you have prior experience working with them.

  4. Make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients in place before you start cooking. This also goes for the equipment you will be using. 

  5. A romantic culinary experience is not just about eating fantastic food, it is also about the setting. So if you want to turn the coziness of your home up a notch, try gathering extra pillows, nice satin curtains, flowers, and candles or potpourri. Each of these things will help make your home feel warmer and will create a better romantic dining experience.

  6. Turn on the music. Play music that is relaxing and can act as the background for your setting in order to enhance the mood rather than become a distraction and ruin the romantic feel you were trying to create.  We recommend Kenny G, Yanni or Sade, all of which have great Christmas albums as well. 


Have a wonderful, romantic Christmas!



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